on the 60th anniversary of the series, Doctor Who™ arrives in Magic


For decades, Doctor Who™ has taken us on adventures through time and space. Now, on the 60th anniversary of the series, Doctor Who™ arrives in Magic

The various Doctors, their companions, enemies and more arrive in the form of four Commander decks. These decks feature all-new cards, as well as reprints with new Doctor Who™-themed artwork, allowing you to immerse yourself in the Doctor’s world

Each Commander deck will include new cards that will be licensed in Legacy, Vintage and Commander formats. These cards have been designed for Commander and are intended to be playful and social, in keeping with this format so beloved by players

The four decks feature the Doctors, grouped according to their place in the history of the series. Journey to the Past will feature the first eight Doctors, while Space-Time Mishmash will feature the ninth, tenth and eleventh Doctors. Finally, Paradoxical Power will feature the colors of the twelfth and thirteenth Doctors

The Commander Master of Evil deck includes many of the Doctor’s antagonists from the 60 years of the series

Each deck contains companions familiar to each Doctor, who can be used in the command zone with any Doctor. The card mechanisms also reflect the era of the series in the decks. Finally, the Saga cards feature fan-favorite stories for each Doctor

The Doctor has traveled the universe on his many adventures, and so will you thanks to the map cards included in each Commander deck. These cards represent iconic Doctor Who™ locations, and each deck contains 10 new blueprint cards, so you can travel through the chaos of the space-time continuum

You’ll also be able to collect Showcase TARDIS frame cards in this set. Only available in Collector’s Boosters, these versions feature new illustrations to the cards from the Commander decks, focusing on flashier styles and gorgeous artwork

Special serialized Doctor cards will also be available in selected Collector’s Boosters. Extremely rare and carefully crafted, these prints of the Doctor are marked with their own serial number. Only around 500 of each card will be printed, and they can only be found in Collector’s Boosters

Daleks and Weeping Angels have invaded the Secret Lair Spookydrop. Dalek terrain cards place the Doctors’ mechanical enemies within (and sometimes above) every Magic environment. Secret Lair Weeping Angels cards add an element of surprise and danger to any deck. Both bundles are already available from the Secret Lair website

All these cards – the Commander decks, the collector boosters and the Secret Lair – are the result of passionate work paying tribute to the history of Doctor Who™ through Magic. Designers, writers and artists have worked together to capture the world of Doctor Who™ to appeal to fans of both the series and Magic

Magic: The Gathering® – Doctor Who™ is available on October 13, 2023 from online retailers such as Amazon, your nearest specialty store and wherever Magic products are sold. For more details, visit DailyMTG


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