Review – Gangs Of Sherwood


While we await the sequel to Outcast, studio Appeal brings us Gangs Of Sherwood! Yes, it’s a Belgian game! And not just any game, this is a big action game playable by up to 4 players! Let’s see what this universe based on Robin Hood has to offer!

Gangs guys!

Originally, the title was due for release in November, just as we were at Meet and Build. During the game’s conference, we were lucky enough to see the original release date and learn that it had been postponed. Because yes, on the day of the title’s release, we had in mind that the title had already been released and that we’d be missing out on the game. Which would have been a shame, given that Lev3lup is based just a few kilometers from the studio (yes, we’ll try to contact them one day for a little reportage, as the studio has quite a lot to say! )

Well, if on the day of the release, finding a part with randoms was laborious, it was soon rectified. Especially when a few friends came along to help out. It’s worth noting that the title currently has no CrossPlay capability. Yes, we’re starting off with some very bad news. But you need to know what you’re getting into. So, like us, think about getting your buddies on board before launching the game. It’ll be easier for everyone. Or go it alone…

Once inside, Gangs of Sherwood places us in an action title with controls that are not at all instinctive. If you’re a fan of DMC or similar, you’ll quickly find it odd to have to use the top buttons of your controller to type. Where any other game would use the classic square, round or triangle keys. What’s more, you’ll have to use the money you’ve accumulated to unlock new combos. Yes, we’re talking classic here.

Add to this the fact that your other touches will be classic uses such as rolls and parries. And yes, the combos are addictive, and yes, we like to send our enemies hurtling through the air and crashing to the ground with our full arsenal of moves. After all, each character has his or her own arsenal and moves.

As for its lifespan, the title isn’t very long either. It took just under 5 hours to complete. As with any game of this genre, you’ll find yourself traversing long corridors, having an arena, corridor, boss, loot… The pattern is totally classic, and nothing new has been done. But we’re not going to complain, it works on the whole.

Technically speaking, Gangs of Sherwood doesn’t do too badly. On the whole, it’s a pretty title, but it’s not up there with the big boys. It should be remembered, however, that the title is only an AA, and therefore has its limits in terms of time and money. Especially when you consider that the title has undergone quite a few changes along the way.

In the end, the title manages quite well, without revolutionizing anything. It’s pleasant and easy to get used to. But don’t expect great replayability. Which is a shame, because the title could have offered so much more with more development time and perhaps a bigger budget. In the meantime, we loved the 5 hours we spent on it, and hope that the title won’t be a simple one-shot and will come back more complete in a sequel?


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