Review – Modern Warfare 3 – Solo et Multi


So, first of all, we’d like to explain why our review has been so long in coming. Because yes, you’ve seen us stream on it, yes, we rushed season 6 of MW2 on MW3, yes, we did some promotion around the game with Monster and yes, we were especially looking forward to season 1.

Now that the game has undergone a number of updates, we’re going to offer you our test of the single-player and multiplayer games. So the final score will be a score that includes both in one.

A Call of Duty 2.5?

If Modern Warfare 2 divided the community quite a bit, Modern Warfare 3 will divide it even more. After all, if you look at the single-player game on the one hand, you’ll quickly realize that this is a title that doesn’t know where it’s going.

It follows the events of 2, but with a superbly staged first mission. As a result, we’re left wondering whether the rest of the game will be similar, because it’s so gripping. And then, we find ourselves with cinematics that tell us nothing, and levels that are at times sympathetic and at times screaming.

For some of the Open World levels (so to speak) are far from the quality of the first mission. Because it’s not clear what message the game is trying to get across. Not to mention an infiltration mission in a base that’s just there to fill in the blanks. We’re left royally wondering about this part.

So yes, the single-player is short, and yes, it’s forgettable. Especially since its CliffHanger ending is enough to drive you mad. But you’ll tell me: it’s the Call of solo, it’s not the most important thing. And I’d be right. It’s more about unlocking agents for multiplayer than anything else.

So, unsurprisingly, for the single-player part, the title won’t get a measly 5/10. It’s too slapdash, and doesn’t live up to anything Call of has ever offered. A shame for some.

The crux of the matter: Multiplayer!

Let’s talk about Multiplayer. We won’t tell you how many hours we’ve spent on multiplayer between release and now, but we’ve played too much. And it’s a sign that the game is good if you spend that much time.

If all the content of MW2 is available in MW3. That may or may not please. For our part, we could understand why Skin would switch from one title to another, but find all its weaponry again. But not at all. This meant that, at launch, people were only there to unlock Warzone content in over-armed mode. Faced with players wanting to discover all the new features with weapons firing foam bullets.

However, once you’ve played 400 games (that’s a joke, we don’t have the exact figure) to unlock all MW3’s core content. It’s a real pleasure to assemble these weapons and put your opponents to the sword with the revised paraphernalia.

Especially since operators are much more mobile than in the past, and the whole thing is much faster. This won’t please everyone. But on our side, having fast action and being able to change direction or action at any time was a real thrill. Much more addictive than MW2. In fact, we gave up on MW2 after season 4, because the game was so out of control. But here, every addition is a real joy.

Also noteworthy is the return of the zombie mode, which has undergone a major change. No small map with waves. Instead, a sort of DMZ zombie mode with a scenario to keep players coming back for more. Just like the DMZ, death entitles you to the loss of your stuff and character. So watch out and run away at the right moment.

If the content was a little light on release. Since season 1, the title has been getting more and more bloated with content, and it should be the same at mid-season and as the following seasons progress.

The only problem at the moment is that there’s too much mixing of weapons between MW2 and MW3. Not to mention old operators who were a real cancer on various maps are back to ruin a lot of games. That’s a shame. But we know that some of them will be fixed to make them more visible on the map (Black Noir or Gaia, for example)

So all in all, a good 8/10 for MW3’s Multi mode!

What more can we say? Single-player is passable, if not forgettable. And the multiplayer holds its own. So it’s up to you to decide which side you’re on. But forget about the game if it’s only for single-player.


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