Review – Infinity Strash : DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai


 Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai or Infinity Strash, or even under its full and far too long name. The title is finally here, but not in the version we’d all hoped for.

More Visual Novel than JRPG…

As far as the story is concerned, the title is going to rock, and not just a little. We’ll be following Dai’s adventures in a title that takes up half the episodes of the animated saga. You’ll follow the adventures of Dai in a title that reproduces half the episodes of the animated saga, with a narrator and then dubbed by the series’ actors. The only drawback is that everything is shown on static screens. Very few passages are animated

As a result, progression is divided into three parts. First, the story, then very short adventure quests and the major battles of the series. The problem is that the title doesn’t really know where to place itself. It’s not clear whether the intention was simply to tell us a story or to have some fairly edgy gameplay. It’s as if it’s primarily aimed at the newcomer to the story who wants to discover it

Suffice to say that, after a while, we simply skipped all the blah, blah, blah and concentrated on the game itself. And we’d also advise you to watch the anime on the side to get a better impression of the work

You won’t get any deviations from the title, as it’s strictly focused on following the adventures of our heroes. Occasionally, a secondary quest will allow you to defeat a few enemies, but nothing more. Knowing that you’ll be going back and forth on the world map non-stop. A far cry from the standards of the Dragon Quest saga


Well, in terms of gameplay, this is a kind of Musou. The aim is to kill all the enemies in your path. To do this, you can control up to 3 characters with their own spells. Only Dai is so versatile as to mix magic and hand-to-hand combat

To help you progress, your characters can earn levels and have a memory system. These are cards that you obtain during your adventure and in the sanctuary. These can be upgraded and will be of great use to you

As mentioned above, the Sanctuary will be something you unlock at some point in the game. This is perhaps the most popular mode at the end of the game. Or even throughout the adventure. Inspired by Rogue Like, you’ll start on level one and have to go as deep as possible, knowing that death will make you start all over again

In each room, you can choose which stats you want to improve, and so on. No genre revolution, but a nice little mode. Especially since you’ll have to go through them to loot various rare souvenirs and upgrade them

In the end, yes, the title isn’t perfect. Yes, the title doesn’t manage to thrill in its entirety. But for those who want to dive into the work or rediscover it. It’s a great gateway. Even if we would have liked a title more like Dragon Quest Heroes 2, which transformed a first title into a gripping sequel based on the Musou codes. We’ll see whether the future offers us a sequel or not, and above all whether it won’t be a copy of the first under penalty of being destroyed by the community.


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