Review – PAW Patrol World


It took us a while, but here it is, our test of Paw Patrol World. Developed by 3DClouds and published by Outright Games, we find ourselves in a wide-open world with our favorite puppies. On that note, Paw Patrol gather round!

When they go on the prowl again…

First of all, this test took a while to appear, as it was co-written with our 4-year-old editor. And it’s fair to say that her opinion was less biased than ours

The series and the number of games that have appeared in it need no introduction. Between adventure and racing games. There’s something for everyone. Here, we find ourselves in a truly small open world across the great valley. And that, perhaps, is what got us hooked from the start

The story is as simple as an episode. We have to stop Mayor Hellinger. He and his kittens have decided to spoil the festival of our favorite puppies with his super Airship. To complete the title, you’ll have to carry out various missions to recover the festival posters. And you’ll have to do this across 4 different worlds, in order to cover the whole of the Great Valley

The Great Valley…

Between the Grande Vallée, Jake’s Mountain, the Jungle and the Queen’s Palace, the game features a variety of biomes, all designed to help children rediscover the references to their favorite series as they wander through them. However, don’t expect to play 1,000 missions, as the main story only has 10

But 10 missions calling on each of the puppies’ specialties. Marcus will use his ladder, Stella her helicopter… And that’s where the kids get their kicks, being able to do for themselves what they’re used to seeing in their favorite series

Add to this various side missions and activities, and you’ll have enough to keep the title going for quite a few extra hours. Not to mention the various collectables and costumes you can buy to make the title your own

If the title is pretty enough on a home console. The dubbing is pleasant. Even if the repetition of phrases will drive many parents crazy. But don’t worry. The game will only take 6 hours to complete. At least for the fastest players

In the end, this Patrol Potato title isn’t perfect, and it’s not without its bugs. But for younger players, it’s a complete title with the whole team. And that’s enough for them, even if it’s just a stroll through the series’ universe. So yes, this is the ultimate Paw Patrol title!


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