REVIEW – Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections


When we say the word “shonen”, Naruto is practically at the top of the list. And that’s logical, given that the anime and manga have left their mark on several generations, and continue to do so today with the Boruto sequel. So it was only logical that the title should return in crossover mode. After all, Boruto is not yet a title in its own right. Mixing the two does!

The return of Ultimate Ninja Storm.

We’re not going to lie, but the last 4 games in the Ultimate Ninja Storm saga were top-notch games with nervous gameplay. Many licensees have tried to copy the recipe, without any real success. And here, we find the original recipe with all the existing characters. And the icing on the cake is two different story modes.

But the problem is that the basic story mode is still a recycling and smells totally reheated. We’ll do it half-heartedly, just to remind ourselves that Naruto’s story was top-notch in its day. In short, ninja history has been erased, and our aim is to relive it and rewrite history. There’s quite a bit of narration in still shots and combat. Nothing to break a duck’s back.

On the other hand. We find the special story mode. This mode features a completely new story in the Boruto universe. It’s a real pleasure, with a mix of animated shots, still shots and crazy combat. The first fight, against Kyubi, for example, lets you take on the character of your choice to fight. Because everything takes place in a VR world that Boruto is trying out.

The rest of the game features 3D environments and 3D movement. Where most fighting games are 2D. All the old game modes are still available, which will please both local and online gamers. Yes, older titles have had their online heyday, and this one will too.

I choose Naruto in its…

We’re not going to lie, but seeing all that character rooster makes you dizzy. Just seeing all the versions of Naruto in child, teen, adult, Kage, KAge but X version, child but Y version,… It’s easy to get lost for the first few minutes. Between one with multi-cloning and another with a swirling orb, it’s easy to see that the aim is to please the fan.

Technically, the game hasn’t aged a bit. Where graphics are concerned, it’s starting to feel a little too warm. It’s a pity, because we could have had the ultimate Naruto title. However, the title is a good door-opener for players who haven’t yet taken the plunge. Because yes, the game is beautiful, yes, it’s complete and yes, it ticks all the fan service boxes. But it could have done with a more engaging and original story mode, and not just the secondary story. And the fact that the dubbing is finally totally in French doesn’t save the day. But it will bring a tear to the eye of many of us.

So, in the end, this Naruto is good, but perhaps a little too expensive for the basic modes it offers. If it hadn’t been for the reheated feel, we’d have had the best game of the genre. Because here, there’s no risk-taking, and we’re stuck with what we’ve got. Which is a shame, given the almost infinite possibilities surrounding the saga.


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