Atari continues to release the titles that have made it such a success, this time with a console version of its 2028 PC title. Yes, Rollercoaster Tycoon, or the advanced management of an amusement park. It’s a series that’s no longer mentioned, so much so that it left its mark on its time, in the same way as Theme Park.

A great classic, but…

Even though the deluxe version of the title has risen from the depths, we can’t help but notice the flagrant lack of content. Not to mention its simplicity at a time when the competition is pretty stiff for a title of this kind. Admittedly, the deluxe version corrects quite a few elements between its basic version and the new one. But we’re often left wanting more.

On the menu of this deluxe version, however, are the new game modes. While the tutorial mode is still available, there’s also an adventure, scenario and sandbox mode. A much sought-after mode that allows everyone to do what they want, how they want. A mode that hasn’t been present until now. Quite a feat for a game of this kind.

It’s worth noting that the adventure mode is there to guide players through the inner workings of the genre. It will allow you to follow a basic plot, which will become more complex as you go along, so that you can understand all the mechanics of the title at your own pace.

What’s more, this version adds no less than 80 new attractions, bringing the total to 200! But what would a game like this be without good handling? Yes, that was the game’s main drawback. A horror for many.

Well, it’s worth noting that the title has also been revised in this respect. Yes, on console, the title is finally playable without any headaches. The title can finally go and see the competition and say that it has learned from its mistakes to become a little reference for a title that was once a little reference.

The problem lies in the graphics. Whatever the support (PS5 for our part), the game isn’t particularly beautiful and feels the weight of time. After all, 5 years separate the basic version from this one. And no graphical improvements. So, yes, you’ll get a complete game. But not a pretty one.

Finally, what can we say about the title? Well, that it is what it is. A great park management game with gameplay and content that holds up well. But it still feels the weight of time on the visual side. It’s a shame, when you consider that Confcurence does better in this respect, with less content.


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