[Steam Next Fest] Solium Infernum demo now available!


The demo allows players to discover the political strategy game centered on cunning, intrigue and betrayal in Hell. Players will be able to play skirmish matches with a tutorial, and command their legions by choosing from four Great Archdevils to claim the Infernal Throne. Each match can be played in different ways, choosing from a variety of tactics and hatching secret plans to suit different play styles.

At launch, Solium Infernum will feature all-new single-player scenarios and asynchronous multiplayer matches, offering a full range of experiences, from 2- to 4-hour single-player games to epic week-long multiplayer games – requiring just a few minutes to play each day. The game is a reimagined vision of Vic Davis’ cult classic, modernized and fully rebuilt in 3D with an updated visual interface to align it with League of Geeks’ unique and acclaimed aesthetic and production values.

“As strategy enthusiasts, we’re determined to make Solium Infernum a game we want to play. We aspire to create a new standard in the genre that will captivate both experienced players and newcomers alike,” said Trent Kusters, co-founder and director of League of Geeks. “Our goal goes beyond preserving the intrigue and betrayal that made the original game one of the most remarkable strategy games ever produced. We’re also committed to infusing League of Geeks’ distinctive and much-loved aesthetic and production values into this project. This demo is a testament to that commitment and a tribute to the legacy of the original game. We can’t wait to see how players will plot and betray their way to the thrones.”

Solium Infernum will launch on PC via Steam in early 2024. For more information, please visit the game’s official website and add Solium Infernum to your wishlist on Steam now.


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