Nacon announces My Fantastic Ranch, The Stud Farm of Extraordinary Animals

NACON and the Piece of Cake studio, developers of the multi-awarded game Hacktag, are pleased to unveil their new game My Fantastic Ranch. This management game for young people takes place in a fairy-tale world populated by fantastic creatures.
Thanks to a gameplay loop accessible to young players, the game offers them the opportunity to develop and manage the stud farm of their dreams: adopt new dragons and unicorns and make sure they are comfortable; give lessons and find the pupil with whom each creature will get along; see them evolve together and thus allow them to participate in events and tournaments that will bring fame to the stud farm.
 » My Fantastic Ranch was born from the desire to offer a real management game accessible to young people, while leaving room for contemplation. All the mechanics are designed to be easy to learn so that players can have fun becoming the real owners of their imaginary ranch – Marine Lemaître, CEO and co-founder of Piece of Cake studios
My Fantastic Ranch piece of Cake is a game with a unique design, ideal for developing management skills in a dreamlike universe filled with cute creatures. My Fantastic Ranch will be available on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Epic Game Store in Fall 2022.
More information will be revealed later for this title. Find all NACON games and accessories on the website


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