NetEase Games unveils lineup for NetEase Connect 2022


Global game developer and publisher NetEase Games recently announced the arrival of its annual conference on May 20, NetEase Connect 2022. The live-streamed event, will be hosted by IGN Japan’s Daniel Robson and Esra Crabble in Japanese starting at 4:30 a.m. PST and in English at 7:30 p.m. CEST on NetEase Games‘ official Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube pages. 15 titles will be featured at the event, including six exclusive new game announcements. Check out a trailer of the games that will be announced during the event below 720_BoutonNetEase_Connect_Title_List In addition to new game updates and reveals, NetEase Games will share its plans to support innovative game studios around the world. Members of Grasshopper and Nagoshi Studios will also be on hand to share more about NetEase Games ‘ commitment to supporting developers and creating high-quality experiences for players. Below is a preview of some of the 15 titles that will be featured during NetEase Connect 2022.

  • NARAKA: BLADEPOINT – the planned sequel to the martial arts inspired battle royale.
  • Mission Zero – a first look at the upcoming 2v4 stealth competitive title.
  • ZOZ: Final Hour – get to know the new third-person shooter with a twist.
  • The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War – see what lies ahead for Middle-earth and the armies vying for the precious Ring.
  • Once Be Human – discover the fate of humanity in this all-new, artistic and bizarre survival game.
  • Ace Racer – learn about the high-speed racing title where cars can drive through walls, transform while driving and even soar through the sky.
  • Harry Potter: Magic Awakened – magical adventures await in the wizarding world.

NetEase Connect 2022 will be streamed live on May 20 on NetEase Games ‘ official Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube pages. For more information on NetEase Connect 2022, visit the official website here.


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