Review – OnePlus 10 Pro


After a very good OnePlus 9 and its pro version last year, Oneplus had to come back with some freshness on the front of the scene. And this is what the brand presents us with first of all a new design that is totally different from the competition.

The base

If the smartphone was already available in other countries around the world, Europe will have to wait until spring 2022 to finally get their hands on this new premium smartphone from OnePlus. The price starts at 919€ for the 8/128GB version and 999€ for the 12/256GB version (the one we have on test). In other words, the smartphone will directly tickle Samsung and Xiomi at the raw spec and price level. While not exceeding the symbolic bar of 1000€.

A design that stands out and a stunning finish

We won’t lie, when you turn the phone over you can see that the frosted glass and the ceramic part give a clean and professional look. The biggest point is that OnePlus offers here the first smartphone in the world that does not leave fingerprints on its surface. We will also notice that the photo module is totally merged with the frame which makes the whole thing more clean and professional. Only Samsung before this tried to make everything seamless and linked. On the front side, there is a 6.7-inch slab that is slightly curved to reduce the stop effect as much as possible. Thanks to all these little things, OnePlus offers on these 10 Pros a 90% occupancy rate. The punch is present on the upper left corner and this is quite discreet even if still visible. Something we would like to see disappear. A downside in all this, the smartphone is not IP68 certified and for premium, we can not leave this point behind. For the rest, we find everything that the smartphone should offer with 5G, wifi 6 and BT 5.2.

Sound and video, what does it give?

As always, no jack. But, we find two stereo speakers that go well enough for video or music. Even if at high level the are has a tendency to crackle. And it is a pity, because we expected to have a faultless on this point. On the screen, we are on a QHD + screen in 20:9. But its strength is that it is LTPO that can pass from 1 to 120Hz. The variable refreshment is the basis currently to save the battery. The whole being protected by the base, the Gorilla Glass Victus which should from our point of view be the base on all smartphones as long as there is no better.

Good performance, but not superior

On the performance side, our Benchmarks have given rather correct results. We are above a Samsung S22 and almost equal to the Xiaomi 12. The concern is that the smartphone itself does not exceed the OnePlus 9 Pro. Which is a shame, but that’s the big worry about the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 not offering any real big power.

The photo the nerve of the war

For its new top-of-the-range, OnePlus offers 3 photo modules including its main one which is none other than a 48 megapixels IMX789 already used on the OnePlus 9 Pro. We will also find an Ultra Wide Angle 50 megapixels from Samsung. Finally, we will finish with an 8 megapixel sensor for telephoto. Everything is of course configured by Hasselblad, which is increasingly present in the high-end segments of manufacturers. As a whole the sensors are doing well. However, we feel a smoothness on the photos which could disturb. In other words, we would have expected better from this OnePlus 10 Pro. For fans of selfies, we will find a 32-megapixel front camera that will satisfy everyone.

The battery of death

We find this year a battery of 5000 mAh that will make the smartphone last for 14 hours on average. This is not too bad, but will not make you last a day. On the other hand in compensation, OnePlus offers a 65w charger that will charge it in 33 minutes on average. Too bad, however, no 80 or 120w charging. The addition of Vooc in the smartphone is however an option that we love, because it fills a little the lack of battery life. In the end, this OnePlus 10 Pro does well overall, but it doesn’t stand out from the crowd. It will suit everyone and makes a good compromise with its price. We would have liked better for this one, but we’ll see what the classic model and the next pro model will offer us.


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