Outriders: Worldslayer unveiled

Outriders: Worldslayer available June 30; new campaign, new features and new endgame content
SQUARE ENIX® is pleased to announce OUTRIDERS: WORLDSLAYER, a massive expansion for OUTRIDERS™, the frenetic looter shooter where survival rhymes with aggression, created in collaboration by People Can Fly, the developers of Gears of War: Judgment and BULLETSTORM, and Square Enix External Studios, the creators of SLEEPING DOGS® and JUST CAUSE®.
Watch the OUTRIDERS: WORLDSLAYER spotlight here : https://sqex.link/WorldslayerSpotlightPEGI
OUTRIDERS: WORLDSLAYER is a brutal looter shooter set in a dark SF universe and played in co-op from 1 to 3 players. Create your Outrider from one of the four available classes and start with the originalOUTRIDERS campaign, or use a level 30 boost to immediately jump into WORLDSLAYER content with a fully equipped Outrider ready to venture into the deadly lands of Enoch, where you’ll face off against your generation’s most powerful Altered, Ereshkigal, in humanity’s final fight for survival. Combining frenetic shooter action, violent powers, and an arsenal of increasingly twisted weapons and equipment, OUTRIDERS: WORLDSLAYER offers countless hours of gameplay from one of the world’s leading shooter developers, People Can Fly.
Watch the OUTRIDERS: WORLDSLAYER trailer here
 » We can’t wait for players to experience WORLDSLAYER. In addition to an all-new campaign, we’ve added several new features that complement and enhance all the aspects that players already loved about the original game, » said Bartek Kmita, creative director at People Can Fly. « WORLDSLAYER introduces nearly a hundred new legendary items, a new maximum gear level, incorporates apocalypse levels, apocalypse gear, and adds new ways to develop your Outrider through the Pax class tree and Ascension levels. Let’s also not forget the Tarya Gratar event, a new endgame experience that is very different from what we’ve been accustoming players to since the release ofOUTRIDERS. » OUTRIDERS: WORLDSLAYER will be available on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC (Steam, Epic, Windows Store), Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now on June 30, 2022. OUTRIDERS owners can purchase the WORLDSLAYER expansion to access this new content. For more information, view the rest of theOUTRIDERS: WORLDSLAYER transmission here: https: //youtu.be/rBSNTmIH7Vc


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