Review – SIFU


Soclap is back with Sifu, a title that will make more than one player go crazy, us first. A tribute to the film genre with a beautiful mastery of martial arts movements

The art of hitting.

As soon as it was announced, Sifu was like a small bomb. The originality of the title came from the fact that we were going to kill people with various repercussions on the game. But before going any further, let’s have a look at it. The game tells us at the beginning the story of a group that came to kill a person. The master Sifu. It is in this context that we will discover our character, either female or male, according to your wishes. And our goal? To avenge master Sifu. The concern will come that the title puts everything on its requirement and its gameplay. Certainly the narrative and creative aspect is totally successful. But the difficulty is too often pushed to the background and we have to leave the game to avoid destroying a controller. If the beginning of the first level is simplistic, we quickly realize that we will suffer. And fail. But it is not a fatality. Because we will discover the essence of the title. To grow old and mature. Like Kill Bill, you will have to slaughter a lot of enemies to defeat their leaders. There are 5 of them, which, as you can see, will divide the game into 5 big levels with different possibilities and approaches. But above all, unique combat requiring you to learn the paterne. However, Sifu is much more demanding than Souls.

Simply frustrating

We were talking about its difficulty. Well, this one will ask you to always observe and adapt yourself to not end up on the floor. But death is not a fatality, but a learning process. The younger you are, the longer your life and the weaker your strokes. On the other hand, the more powerful your movements will be at the expense of your life. So yes, we are subject to the havens of time. A mechanic combined with talent trees, you will have understood, you will have to learn.

Well, but…

Sifu is overall very good. But it caricatures a little too much its universe to the point of lacking background. And you can feel it from the first dialogues. It’s a shame that the studio didn’t go further with more content. Even if it means opening up the difficulty a little more to the general public, but offering a more complete and longer initiation quest.

Finally, Sifu is the title you put in the hands of players in need of a challenge. For the general public, it will be one more frustrating game. However, the studio has listened to the complaints and intends to open the difficulty to as many people as possible. A good news to learn that will offer to all what we expect from the game.


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