Review – Spiritfarer


Spiritfarer… Just thinking about the writing of this test makes me want to cry. Yes, in the genre of taking you on a trip with a title out of nowhere, Spirifarer is a master in his field..

Passenger of the soul, a full time job…

From the start, the game tells us that we are the new soul broker. Her name is Stella and she will be accompanied by her little cat. Your goal? To guide the souls of the deceased towards their last destinations. To do this, you will have to navigate with your boat which will be a central element of the game. Because yes, to welcome souls, the boat will have to be able to do it. To do this, you will have to collect materials, improve it and build new parts. You will also be able to have a kitchen, a field… everything that will be used for your adventure. Fortunately, the creation is quite free and the boat will look like what you want. This passage is mandatory to be able to complete the title. And to do this a shark will be your ally, because he will sell you everything you need in plan to improve your boat. As for moving around, you’ll have to choose a point on the map and navigate to that point and gradually discover new places and challenges. A tip, take advantage of the day to navigate, because at night, it is impossible to make various movements on the water. So, keep the night for your management.

Fulfilling the last will

In order for a soul to pass, it will be necessary to fulfill their last wishes. And on this point the game makes sense and teaches us more about the souls that we must lead to safe harbor. It is also this point that will touch your soul and not leave you unaffected by death. Fortunately, the title is full of puzzles and mini-games to break the pace and offer something other than boat rides. And on this point, the title succeeds perfectly. We have a quality game with very good ideas. Finally, Spiritfarer is a game that mixes a lot of mechanics, but still remains logical and engaging. Its story from the beginning to the end is gripping and will let you escape a little tear. However, it is far from a pure action game, so platformers will be disappointed


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