Surprise! Devolver’s Countdown to Marketing was actually a marketing countdown


The annual press conference of Devolver has freed itself from the stifling contingencies of a sadly chilly industry by stuffing its countdown with 30 minutes of crazy storytelling mixed with breathtaking game announcements. A huge media hype from which the competition will certainly have a hard time recovering, relegated to the role of a discount Sisyphus just good at carrying the same « show-off » productions ad nauseam. It’s hard to see how future digital marketing events can recover from such a lesson in audacity. A true master class (give strength to the networks, brothers).

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There were also a few game announcements. What do you expect, the makers do Cult of the Lamb will be released on August 11th and has a playable demo on Steam now Anger Foot also has a demo on Steam, which is pretty good news, you’ll agree Skate Story and The Plucky Squire don’t have a demo, but they do have nice trailers that you can watch over and over if you want. And did you know that Card Shark was available? In its great mercy, Devolver agrees to give you below a few more crumbs on the most incredible video game catalog since the SEGA Saturn. The more impatient will go directly to Cult of the Lamb | Massive Monster | August 11, 2022 | PC, Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox S/X, XB1 Start your own cult in a land populated by false prophets. To build your loyal community of forest worshippers and spread the word to become the ultimate idol, you’ll need to venture into dangerous and shady areas to wipe out the most skeptical rabble. Scheduled for release on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox on August 11.

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Anger Foot | Free Lives | 2023 | PC Anger Foot puts a big kick in the pants of angry action games: travel through the feverish city of Shit City to kick a menacing menagerie of ruthless gangsters out of this caffeine-addled town. Get your kicks decimating the colorful ranks of anthropomorphic enemies nestled in the slums, sewers, and skyscrapers with weapons, sneakers, and other new powers you unlock along the way. The possibilities are as absurd as they are beautiful: all you’ll leave behind is a smoldering pile of smashed doors, broken bones and dead energy drink cans. Pow, watermelon.

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Skate Story | Sam Eng | 2023 | PC You are a demon from the Underworld, made of glass and pain. The Devil has given you a skateboard and a simple mission if you want to regain your freedom: go to the moon and swallow it. Chain together ollies, kickflips and grinds through the dusty, smoke-filled Underworld in this hair-raising and nearly impossible quest. Ride hard to destroy the demons and save the tortured souls of your peers in this improbable journey to the skateboarding firmament. And it’s super stylish too.

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The Plucky Squire | All Possible Futures | 2023 | PC, Switch, PS5, Xbox S/X The Plucky Squire follows the adventures of Jot and his friends, characters in a story who discover that a three-dimensional world exists outside the pages of their book. When the infamous Humgrump realizes that he is the villain of the story, destined to lose his battle against the forces of good, he chases Jot out of the book to permanently change the outcome of the story. Navigate between 2D and 3D worlds in this charming action-adventure game, with puzzles to solve, badgers to fight, jetpack flying and lots of other delightfully fun activities awaiting you in this lively tale where you are the hero.

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