Review – Poco F4 GT


The Poco F4 GT is a bit of a UFO from Poco. Mix between controller and smartphone, this one wants to put the package on the performance to offer a smartphone gaming at the top.

A confusing change

Poco for those who do not know it is a bit the best performance / price. A choice that Xiaomi has always tried to respect with this brand. But to do this, you have to cut some things. Like for example the camera. Well, for once, Poco is not in the mid-range with this F4 GT. Counted 599 euros so we are more in the bottom of the range. But we will have to see if this is totally justified or not.

An aggressive design

The Poco F4 GT has a design worthy of its name. We are on a screen of 6.67 inches for 210 grams. So much for a beautiful baby. All in an aggressive look with triangular patterns on the back that gives it a look closer to the target community. Even the flash has undergone a makeover with a lightning shape. On the side of the slices, we find on the right and on the left classic buttons. But the intriguing little extra at first is the two small latches that allow you to take out the triggers of the smartphone. Overall, the grip is quite good. Especially if you go from a large smartphone. For smaller hands, it will take a little adaptation. Rest assured, the smartphone is protected by Gorilla Glass Victus that we love. However, no IP certification completes the sheet and this is a big lack. Even if we can understand it due to the triggers. On the screen, we find a non-adaptive Oled 120HZ screen in fullHD+. We would have liked an adaptive screen, but well, we will not complain.

Triggers to dominate them all

Here is the point that interests everyone, the triggers. If outside the games, they are configurable for quick actions, they are also totally customizable in their sound effects and others. A little customization gimmick that will be fun at first, but quickly disabled. On the other hand, in game… the triggers offer their full potential. Aiming and shooting has never been so intuitive and engaging in Call of Duty mobile. A feature of the smartphone that makes you understand why it’s there. It’s really easier and more comfortable in all mobile games.


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