I was young, my hair in the wind and I discovered the first STRs of my youth… And Command and Conquer was perhaps the one that impressed me the most. So with the announcement of remastering. Force to dive back. But is nostalgia good to take even in double doses?


Well this test will be very fast because we will not detail point by point all the gameplay etc. But you should know that this collection includes both Command and conquer and Alert Rouge. two of the most iconic episodes of the series. If today such games would flop. Nostalgia will speak more to old players. For delirium. we are on one team attacking another. In between, you have to collect resources and build your base and these units. Basically, basic. The title will only take up what they did at the time without improvement. So no macro possible or construction programming. We go the old-fashioned way my good lady with frantic cliques from all sides. But the same goes for the AI enemies still as stupid to live his life and start attacking as soon as one of your pixels is seen. Not to mention that your units sent to the adventure will also not take the shortest path by staying grouped. Sometimes you will have to call them back or select a part of them to get them back on the right path. Basically, frustration and laughter to see that we have made a lot of ways since. However, the title has undergone a micro facelift in its interface in order to make it more readable and above all… You can change the speed of the game. A happiness. The zoom and zoom has also been reviewed and finally we can finally assign the mouse keys. A must for the title. As you will have understood, the title speaks above all to the nostalgic wanting to redo a game quickly. But will quickly confuse the newcomers. We are on a title that will bring out the little tear on the cinematics of the time rather than make players plunge into a mythical series that we will love to see again.


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