Review – Devolo Magic Lan 2 Triple


We had already done the test of the Devolo Magic 2 In Wifi version, and between this test and the previous one, know that we have never stopped using them. CPLs are a solution for people with a bad reception in their homes except that the technology is still quite unknown and requires some prerequisites before launching. 

What is a CPL used for? 

A CPL to summarize and popularize as much as possible, it is a box that will transform your electrical signal into an internet network. Basically, your home is equipped with a whole network of electrical cables that can transmit information in addition to electricity. To do this, we will place a box in a socket and connect it to the modem. Then in the room that we want to get internet, we will place a second box that will relay. This solution avoids having to pull kilometers of cable and above all offers more possibilities. Only downside, this technology requires to have a rather recent electrical network.

Devolo's solution.

For this test, we will talk about the Magic Lan 2 Triple. Who for us is a monster of speed and quality. The Magic Lan 2 Triple allows once everything connected to get 3 arrival RJ45 in your office. Suffice to say a must for Gamers and all their equipment to connect. In addition, Devolo guarantees to have minimal latency, almost as minimal as connecting directly to the modem. And to test everything and guarantee that everything works, we pushed the test far enough. If at the level of online games, we have not noticed strong latency. It was on the second part that we could really see the power of the machine. Because we used them to launch all our streams. And we were surprised to see that playing online while launching a stream… Held the road. However, we must keep in mind that our electrical installation is recent, the house being less than 10 years old. the flow rates can totally change on an old building knowing that the state of the wiring etc will influence the connection. So neither we nor the manufacturer can guarantee you the maximum flow.

Top but still cumbersome.

On the side of the boxes, keep in head that it will have to be placed directly to a wall socket and not on a multi socket. However, you will not condemn a plug with the box this one allowing to connect something else on it. The problem will come especially that the boxes are once again imposing so you will have to think carefully about their placement. Not to mention that these heat up quite a bit so do not suffocate them. Finally, we tested the boxes in NDI mode, namely the sending of streams via the network by connecting two PCs on the PLC. And surprise, the stability is at the top as if we had connected the two PCs directly to each other. Useful for amateur streamers. Our verdict is therefore final. We loved the Wifi version, and we love the Lan version even more. Knowing that by updating them, you will be able to connect all your Wifi or Lan powerlines together and thus grow your network. Devolo offers us here a solid solution for those living in a bunker.  



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