(This is a test from before the OVH fire, the images will be back later) Dreams is one of the titles we have been waiting for a long time. If initially, the title was presented to us as a technical demo of the possibilities on PlayStation 4, it was actually presented at E3 2015 as the biggest project of the Media Molecule studio. And years later, here it is, the biggest sandbox existing on PlayStation is finally there for everyone and no longer in early access. 


When it was released in April 2019 in Early Access, Dreams had not seduced a lot of players around the world and this is logical, the title was not yet in its face of pure commercialization, but rather of presentation to players to collect information and improve it for a global release. And as a result of the first look, the entire title was compared to an old abandoned title from Microsoft. But the difference between the two is that Dreams is a complete tool from A to Z. allowing you to create all the ideas of the players without using basic assets. Your idea, your game, your mount. If a lot of people were initially compared to LittleBigPlanet, it is not so. We are here on a title that goes much further at all levels. It's up to you to create your desires. If you want to create a movie, do it. A game, do it. An animated image, do it… Your ideas are the beginning of your creation. Dreams is for us an ultra powerful tool for young creators who want to create a demo of a larger title and make it available to the world to gather information. We are here on one of the most powerful and open tools ever seen on console.


We can only advise you, but the tutorial present in the title in the form of an adventure is almost mandatory to understand everything that the title can offer you. Do not miss out otherwise you will not understand the logic of the title. Dreams also uses a scripting system present in a lot of game engines asking to connect for example an effect box to an element and so on to achieve the desired effect. And suffice to say that you will quickly tear your hair out at first if you do not have basic knowledge in the Loïc range. But rest assured after a few hours of learning this part will be done more naturally and you will quickly understand what to do with all this universe of possibilities. If the studio tells us that the whole thing was a natural progression, in truth, it's totally different. The tools put in place to create characters, animations, effect, music are quite complex at first glance to take in hand. Expect to spend many hours of failure in creation.


Do not expect with Dreams to make productions worthy of the biggest AAA studios. But to be able to set up a version more tests. However, it is not said that it is not possible to create a complete game. This is quite possible within the limits of the app. To go further, it will be said that Dreams is a good base before moving on to professional engines and the ton of related plug-ins. The strength of Dreams is to offer everything in one. Ditto on the object side. If the studio offers a slew of them, other players can also create them and make them available to everyone. And why not you? You also have the opportunity to create objects, music and others in order to offer them to others. Everything is set up to offer you everything you need up to your own voices and sound in the title by important them. However, it's a shame that you can't model on PC and import them into Dreams. The app and ps4 would probably not support objects with too many polygons.


Dreams is also a world of sharing. And you will also find all the creations of other players at the disposal of an ultra full hub cracked nugget and tests. Between the possibilities created by the studio itself or thousands of players. You will have enough to get lost in all that is possible. However, we regret the lack of clarity of the catalog mixing a little everything and often trials of players without real interest. However, it should be noted that the loading times to try out the titles are extremely short and will allow you to switch from one title to another without waiting. Finally, we recommend Dreams rather to people who want to dive into creation with little or no experience before launching into more complex software. Dreams is a base for any future budding creator lacking experience. 


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