We no longer present the manga My Hero Academia! Big manga with current success that continues to advance on the curve of success. After a rather average My Hero One's Justice, Bandai Namco offers us a sequel that is teeming with fan service at all costs. But now, in two years, has the studio managed to offer us a title that lives up to the task? 


The title made in the great classic with a story mode that readapts the series in various dialogue and combat phase. We are on a direct sequel to the first opus. To be more precise, the title covers part of season 3 and 4. Suffice to say that people outside the anime will feel totally lost in the adventure. We are here on a title that speaks above all and especially to the fans. We are once again on a narrative mixing the graphics of the title with the paper manga. So we follow the adventure in case by case mode without real big cutscenes worthy of the Naruto series. So do not expect to be transported into the universe as the whole thing is of a total dish. And it's a shame when you know the intensity that the anime manages to transmit. The big highlight of the title is above all to offer different points of view of the story via the eyes of the villains or secondary character. And suffice to say that the fan will be thrilled. Suffice to say that the 5 hours to complete this mode is half-tone as we have a feeling of lack. As here the title offered was not finished.


If the story mode leaves you hungry. The mission mode will offer even more content with more advanced objectives in order to grow your expert agency. Between recruitment and tactical map. Everything is set up here to make you want to go fight everything that moves. For the rest, we also find the classic game modes such as the arcade mode and others to get your hands dirty or go fight online. Suffice to say case this level la, the title does not lack anything. On the other hand, not everything is rosy. The title outside of all the fan services does not improve at all. We find fights still messy with effects from all sides and has the camera making you want to vomit at any time. Not to mention the characters who swing their techniques in the void even in hand-to-hand combat. Suffice to say that fans of fighting games will pass their paths quickly once the basic content is completed. Note the countless times the AI has spent more time running from all sides rather than fighting…. In the end, the title is more there for the fans than for the newcomers. In addition, challenge lovers will be disappointed in every way. However, we note the generosity of content that this one offers. A must have for fans.


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