Test – Guilty Gear -STRIVE- – More open than ever!


There is a studio that fighting players particularly like. And this one is none other than Arc System Work. The studio has spent quite a bit of time since their last titles working for various commendes. With among others Dragon Ball FighterZ. Except that here, the fans were waiting for a big return for Guilty Gear with the experience that the studio took thanks to the other title. Except that the studio has decided to make the game more open to accommodate more players and no longer be limited to an elitist niche.

Next gen 3D/2D/it's beautiful!  

FighterZ regulars will recognize the graphic aspect quickly. Because this Guilty Gear has everything of it. At least graphically. The studio on PlayStation 5 has succeeded in offering a bluffing rendering while imitating 2D, because yes we are of course 3D models. But here, if the game is beautiful, it is not without flaws. Because this radical change for the title brings a lot of flaws. Starting with readability. Sometimes there are so many visible elements that you get lost and foolishly miss a shot. What big players like is when all these elements are discreet and easily visible. No need to know that we made 30 combo hits on 3/4 of the screen. It just spoils the readability and sexy side of the title. To return to the very principle of the game, the title offers us as many fights on the ground as in the air. Yes FighterZ did not invent anything, everything was taken from this series. Not to mention that the fights are ultra fast and that we quickly find ourselves from one side of the screen to another with sometimes the impossibility of counter-attacking. On the personal side, we have something for all styles and tastes. But you will have more fun trying them all and finding your style of play. The mythical Sol or Millia will still be there to offer a rooster of 15 characters. Which may seem little, but will be filled little by little with past seasons not adding a lot of new character. Some might scream about this practice, but it allows you to review all the characters with each release and offer the best balance. FighterZ or Street Fighter V are followers of this practice and we see it at each release, the characters receive various bots or malus.

A story in combat.

Like all titles of the genre, Guilty Gear does not escape the story mode! A mode that will tell the why of how the characters hit each other. Expect a lot of video for little game though. For this, you will have to go to the arcade or online side. We will regret that the pseudo RPG mode of the old titles has disappeared. We told you at the beginning the title is more open. If Guilty Gear or Blazeblue had accustomed us to 10000000 combo hits. This one bets on shorter combos in order to give your opponent more chance to return to the fight. The ultimate attacks remain as magnificent watched and sent to oblivion the Instants Kill who sent into nothingness your opponents in one shot. On the online side, Netcode is almost perfect with the practice of Netcode Rollback. A mode that allows you to go back a fraction of a second in case of lag and predict the moves you or your opponent wanted to use. This makes the fights more fluid. Finally, this Guilty Gear remains a must. It is not perfect, but offers real fighting sensations with great fluidity. The sensations are good and we really take pleasure in mastering the different fighters.



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