Review – Razer Opus X Headphones


In the war of helmets Razer liked to make a share of the market. And in 2020, Razer had already proven to us that it was possible for the brand to attack the smartphone market with the razer opus. this year, we take almost the same principle but under the name of Opus X. A helmet that also sends heavy for half of its price. 

A helmet that has everything to please. 

So we find a helmet with a very current design available in three colors namely Pink, White and Razer Green. This is the model we received because even if it means talking about Razer as much as take the color of the brand. The headphones apart from its design does not only offer that, we also find the functions of active noise Cancellation that I like above all. Listening or playing the sound at full speed without annoying the neighbors and especially without hearing them. If the helmet looks very rigid and heavy, in reality, it is super-flexible and ultra-light. Enough to be able to enjoy it for hours. What we are looking for above all at the moment. As for connecting it, just on your PC or Smartphone to launch your bluetooth and turn on the headset and that's it. Nothing simpler. Especially if on paper, we are promised between 30 and 40 hours of autonomy in our tests, we were closer to 40 hours. Suffice to say that the helmet is unbreakable. In real conditions, we only had to recharge it once in a month of daily use. On the sound power side, don't expect to become deaf. This one is not a headset that sends heavy in decibels, but will allow you to be entitled to a beautiful sound range. In addition with its Active Noise Cancellation option, no need to put it all the way to no longer hear what is around you. A must to save a little our fragile little ears. In practice, when you put on the headphones without sound, you hear the outside in a rather distorted way. This one actually has fun capturing all the sounds to send them back to you in reverse ways which will aim to cancel the external parasitic sound. You will also find the reverse mode. Namely that the microphone will be non-stop activated and that it will allow you to hear what it picks up in addition to your sound. which is convenient on the street so as not to be hit by the first truck in reverse. A point that we find great and that allows you to never let go of your headphones from these ears. You should also know that the headset is initially planned for smartphones with the advancement of Cloud gaming, more and more players like to immerse themselves in their favorite games on mobile. And what better than a headset with low latency to make the most of it. This is where the helmet wants to place itself. And as much to say it, the headset, a good big smartphone and a Kishi razer and you have the winning trio to enjoy Forza everywhere you go.


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