Test – Judgment – A PS5 remaster that slams!


Well, we're not going to do a full test of the title again, because we've already done it in the past, but we're going to talk to you here about what the PS5 version is worth. And we're not going to lie, going back to Judgment, the spin-off of Yakuza was a real happiness for us!

A neighborhood visited… IN HQ!

If the very good Yakuza Like to Dragon had put everyone in agreement with a revival of the series. Judgment was a little less welcomed with open arms, as no one understood this sudden change in the series with a move away from the world of the Yakuza to the other side of the barrier. But here, if the whole saga has almost been entitled to its free upgrade. Judgment is not one of them. If you have the PS4 version or not, you will have to pay to enjoy a game in real 4K and 60 FPS. We're not going to lie it's upgrade and these graphical changes are visible from the first minutes. We are on a much finer and more fluid title. A pure happiness, because the fight scenes seem redone. We reach a realism never seen on the Dragon Engine that had already shown its potential on PlayStation 4. However, not everything is perfect. Some textures will appear blurry or less detailed. But this does not bother the whole. Because if we look at the whole thing… We are on a title that is magnificent. Bonus on the cake, the title also offers all the DLC released on PlayStation 4! This is certainly not much, because we are talking here about cometics and other boost objects. But at least it won't be necessary to go back to the checkout for all this. Basically, you have no excuse not to make the title knowing that it is offered at the price of 40 euros max! Cheaper than most new features. Then in view of the mass of content that the title offers, we can only welcome this port.


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