In-game series and anime adaptations are an environment where you find everything good and bad. And Bandai Namco is getting us more and more used to children's title releases on console. For the shots we still find the studio Outright Games who offered us good game as very bad. So let's see together if the title lives up to expectations.

The book in film in play. 

the game is taken straight from the serial adaptation of the book which itself was adapted into a film. We currently know two seasons on Netflix and as always a lot of children's series we are entitled to their adaptations. So we find ourselves in Wakefield where Jack and his friends have to fight various zombies and monsters since the apocalypse. Here, we will have to undermine the plans of Malondre who wants to remind life of Rezzoch thanks to a cursed scepter. Hence the name of the title. You will have to go in search of the 4 pieces of scepter that will be hidden in the city. And what we quickly notice is that we are on a totally open world offering you the pleasure of going in search by wherever you want. Even if as in all games of the genre, you will have to follow a predefined path before having access to other areas. For the big players, counted 8 hours to overcome the title. But we will not lie, the title is above all there for children who will take more pleasure in walking in a world that knows well. Apart from your main quests, the title is quite generous and offers quite a few side quests and treasures to find hidden all over the city. This offers even more lifespan. The title does not borrow my lde mechanics from hack'n Slash and RPG. This gives a well-known and quite gripping mixture. In addition, you can change characters at any time via various phone booths present in the adventure. Even if very often, you will take in priority a character in hand-to-hand being more effective in combat. for the rest, we are on a title that is initially designed for multiplayer. And therefore more pleasant to travel with others. Depending on the medium on which you play, nothing differs and we are on a title that will offer a lot of fun to children. The downside will come that the title is once again an adaptation made too quickly with all the known bugs of this kind of game. And it's a shame as there is potential for the youngest as well as the oldest. We are still raging over collision bugs that should not have taken place….  


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