Test – Legend of Mana: A remaster with authentic taste.


In the series of games never released in Europe, we can easily mention Legend of Mana. Title that alone shows that it is possible to make the insertion in the video game. The Seiken Densetsu saga (secret of mana) which wants to be the spin-off of Final Fantasy (at least the first). Legend of Mana is when he is the spin-off of the Seiken saga. So, a nice mess to lose the fans. If the title was original and colorful, let's see if it still works in 2021! 

The history of history. 

The story takes place after the Great War for Mana Energy. We find ourselves in the world of FaDiel where the mana tree is a legend counted for children. Except that various events will gradually change the course of history. You will discover especially as your adventure progresses the ravages of this war. With quite a few depopulated places where only ruin and sand remain. This is also the interest of the title. The game is divided into many quests and the starting map empty. You will have to go in search of relics to rebuild it. And all faceless really impacting at the scenario level, but allowing you to build it according to your desires. You will be able to quickly go on a series of quests having nothing to do with the main one. Because here, we are not in a dirigiste title, we will never give you the hand to guide you, you are the only narrator of your choices. In the end, all this is mostly set up to hide the fact that the title is cut into 4 ultras vatas story arcs. Who if you wish or not will lead you into the various histories of peoples. But know that you do not have to do the 3 story arcs, you can also go to the final chapter of the beginning of the title and rush the game. But then you will lose all the social and construction aspect of the title. Without forgetting that you will be able to raise various small creatures as in the mini games of Sonic adventure or you had to connect a small device to the console. Here, that's the case too, but it's emulated by your console. On the side of the combat system, the youngest could find great frustration. But you have to imagine that the fights take place on a large checkerboard or each move makes you advance a box. Once you understand this, you will have easier to get started with the system which is totally different from a secret of mana. The title is much more tactical.

But what's new? 

On the one hand we find a lot of option review which is not worse, but also decorations completely redone to be more pleasant. Even if our characters denote by keeping the pixel appearance. However, it is possible to come back with pixel decorations… But who would want to do that? There is also an option to skip all the fights of the game. Knowing that the evolution is heading towards our level, it is not a bad thing to enjoy the story without having to do thousands of frustrating fights. Except the bosses which remains mandatory, because important to the story. For the rest, we also find a soundtrack totally redone and which pleases the ears! A jewel of nostalgia. Finally, this Legend of Mana is more for the old fan wanting to take a ladle of nostalgia or those who did not have the chance to make the title at the time. For the youngest, the title will find itself too frustrating and with totally outdated mechanics. We will regret that the remaster is so basic and does not offer additional content to extend its lifespan.


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