Review – Little Nightmares 2


Test dating from before the OVH fire, the images will be put back later.  Little Nightmares… One of the titles that has marked me the most lately. And the announcement of the two my hype enormously. If the first title had a lot of flaws, it was able to find its audience and become a small reference in its unique universe. Is the second opus up to the first?

Six or are you? 

To quickly skim over the scenario, we are before the events of the first title. So we control for the shot Mono, who leaks or searches for something through the screens. Various mysterious elements lead us to believe that we will know a little more about what is happening in the universe. This is how you will discover the universe and discover Six fearful and afraid of the universe around him. This character duo is gripping and will offer new ways to visit the different levels of the title. For the rest, we will not say more, because talking about the elements of the title would spoil the interest of the title.

A straight line as a detour. 

The title is again not very long. Allow 5 hours on average to overcome it. And this without counting all the elements to find hidden everywhere in the universe of the title. Again the title will tap into the count and horror of childhood to hurt you psychologically. Bonus point for school and children martyring each other that will remind everyone that it is not easy to grow up being different. The title will however be much harder than the first part. With new mechanics requiring perfect timings and that will make you start over and over again in case of failure. Or some perspective bugs allowing the monster to see you even hidden. For the rest, we let you discover the title that even if less taking than the first part, will not leave you marble and will make you ask yourself with envy more. Because yes, once the title is finished, we want to know the rest. We want to know where Six will end up and/or are the other children in their genders. (Six = 6 and Mono = 1)


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