Crystal Dynamics had accustomed us to the Tomb Raider series. But here they are again on the front with a new series using tights and other superpower. Marvel's Avengers. We were able to get our hands on the title in 2019 at Gamescom and we had a mixed opinion. The beta doesn't add much to what we've seen in the past. But let's see if the title is worth it in its final version. 


We're not going to hide it, adapting the mythical group of Marvel into play is not an easy exercise. Here, we do not adapt an already existing adventure, but we rewrite the legend to surprise the fans. And in other words, the risk is great. If some succeeds as for Spider-Man, Marvel"s Avengers struggles a hair to raise the sauce of its story. We find ourselves on a kind of Beat"em All mixed has loot on all sides a little messy. So yes, you will often stop your adventure to look for chests and other side missions to then go to various menus to then advance in your mission. Suffice to say that immersion is totally missed at this level. The prologue will put us in the situation where the Avengers are attacked with the beginning of their falls and dissolution. Except that here, some person since that day has gained superpowers and his hunted by the AIM. And our heroine of the proloque namely Kamala discovers dangerous information and decides little by little forced by the situation to reform the Avengers. And it is with easy twists that we will reform the team little by little and go hit Modok the big bad not nice. But here, despite well-thought-out plans, the sauce never really takes and we do not find the emotion to be 100% in the story.


Well the missions will be for the most part pretext to choose his team and go hit enemies. And that's where all of Marvel's Avengers is. A succession of missions to advance the whole. Even if often it will be a question of keeping a point or killing waves of enemies. And this kind of mission, you will have as much solo as in multi. The whole title revolves around that. With XP management, talent trees, loots, item upgrades… In short, as you will have understood, the farm is religion. And that's the problem. The title does not really assume it at first. Not to mention that you need a +5 tray to have the perfect character with perfect items and perfect skills. There is too much information from all sides which loses the player continuously. More simplicity might have lost players less. Graphically, we're not going to lie, the title is not ugly. But is not pretty. We sometimes have scary textures, clipps and others. And if you're on consoles. Expect 10 enemies on the screen + bright flashes from all sides to make the action unreadable and most importantly cause catastrophic framerate drops. In the end, Marvel's Avengers had good ideas, but doesn't assume them. The title hides a farm game from all sides with various additional item shops and the like. It's a shame, for once the license arrives on console and PC, it had to be a title that pushes the player to farm on all sides.


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