Review – Oppo Reno 6 Pro


Oppo is a brand that is no longer presented.Over time, the brand has been able to position itself and find its audience.And the manufacturer knows it, to keep its audience and open up more, you need models for everyone.That's why the Reno range is present.Here, we will discuss the Reno 6 Pro, a good mid-range compromise that has nothing to envy to the Find X range. An affordable little gem with no surplus. The Reno 6 Pro is quite close to the FindX3Neo, we find a curved 6.5-inch panel, a 4500mAH battery, photo modules, ultra fast charging,…  Everything to please in itself.This one is offered at the price of 799 euros, or has the limit before the transition to the price of high-end smartphones.Basically, the smartphone is very close to the Oneplus 9 that we were able to test on the site. It should be noted that its design makes the smartphone pleasant to use with a good grip.Not to mention that its finesse gives it an aspect of high quality game.For the rest, Oppo does not skimp, we find among other things a fingerprint sensor under the screen, the minimum in 2021.  The downside will come that the smartphone is not compatible with microSD or that there is no IP certification or mini Jack and finally no wireless charging.Fortunately, this one comes with its fast charger that fills a little the few options put aside by Oppo. On the side of the screen, we find a definition in 2400X1080P at the top with a refresh rate of 90HZ, we are far from the 120HZ screen but it will be more than enough for everyday use without losing too much battery on the day.  The photo at the top. We are not going to lie to ourselves 2021 will have had its share of smartphone with sensors going from the whole to the whole.And the Reno 6 Pro offers a main sensor in 50mpx, an ultra wide-angle in 16, a telephoto lens in 13 and finally a Macro in 2mpx.Yes, the same as the FindX3Neo.  So we leave on a known and controlled ground. These do not offer an exceptional detail, but do the work totally, for comparison, the Xiaomi 11T Pro does much less well.On the side of the front camera, Oppo makes the choice to place a camera in 32mpx which offers sumptuous shots to fart you on social networks.  On the battery side, for use, mix, count no less than 14 hours of autonomy, in other words the average duration of smartphones in 2021.However, this is much less than the FindX3neo which has much more options.   Finally, what to think of this Reno Pro 6?Well it will depend on your taste and your needs.This one being too similar to the FindX3Neo, we can only advise you to see what you do with it and make your opinion.   


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