Review – Razer Blade 15 (2021)


The war of gaming laptops has been raging for a few years and manufacturers are constantly looking for often original novelties to seduce us. And Razer is also one of those seeking every year to offer us the must of its portable range dedicated to gaming. But apart from a new Intel processor and a new Nvidia graphics card, what does the Razer Blade 15 2021 offer us new? 

The Blade range, a classic of the genre. 

We're not going to lie, Razer with its Blade range offers us here a powerful laptop with a good grip. For those who don't save it, the Razer Blade range is divided into three. With the small screen under the name Blade Stealth, the Large formats with Blade Pro and the Blade range. Which is the in-between and also the most popular model that is still divided in two with the Blade range and Blade Advanced. (by the biggest graphics card and bigger processors and best screens etc.) For the head model we still find ourselves on a 15.6-inch screen for 2.1 KG. And all in a case as thin as possible. A must for gamers often on the move as it can be stored everywhere. On the performance side, the model we received is equipped with a 165 HZ panel, an RTX 3070, an I7 11th gen and 16 GB of RAM. Suffice to say a beautiful beast that does not have to blush in front of desktop type configurations.

It's beautiful my hood. 

In the world of gaming laptops, we see more and more fir trees stand out from the crowd. And yet at Razer, we continue to play the card of sobriety. And this is not to displease us because for us, the razer Blade 15 remains one of the most beautiful laptop models on the market. No frills, a totally black and uniform carcass, a finesse for the screen, an RGB keyboard that comes out of a thousand lights, … Only shadow on the board… Hands… Because yes, the problem of this Pc is that it is beautiful as long as you do not touch it, once a finger is placed on it… we see the traces appear at all costs. However, Razer does not skimp on his equipment. We are still on full metal with various plastic elements to offer it maximum strength. With its wasp size of only 2 centimeters, Razer proves once again that they are the masters in the art of design and compactness.

On the keyboard side, Razer keeps the RGB and the same model as the previous versions, so no evolution has this level, which is a shame as we have power for the game and not have a good big keyboard to follow this movement. On the side of the trackpad, it reacts beautifully and sometimes even too well. But hey, who uses it when you can connect a mouse on it.

On the connectivity side, the PC offers us a Thunderbolt 3, 3 USB 3.1 Gen1, a USB C 3.2 gen2, an HDMI output compatible 4K / 120 FPS, 1 headset jack port is an Ethernet port. Port available only on this model. Which is a strange choice. Finally, we will talk about the screen and the battery. Because on the one hand the laptop offers us a 165 hz panel. If it will be usable 100% on various titles, it will not be the case on the most gourmant. We are on a laptop and so we already have a limited power compared to a desktop PC. So, don't expect to launch the biggest current and future titles in 165 HZ. On the side of the battery, we are counted for an average use a little less than 5 hours of autonomy and this without playing. You will go down much lower if you start playing more. This is a rather negative point, but it is understandable by the low power of the battery. Finally, this razer Blade 15 2021 remains one of the most beautiful laptops ever seen. Razer is making a rather slow and timid evolution of its range but can boast of having managed to offer power in a compact model as much as possible. And it can of builder can do it. For the rest, we can only advise you with your eyes closed as he keeps these promises at stake. Its only real downside will come from the duration of the battery.    


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