Test – Razer Blade Pro 17 – The must for laptops!


In the past, we had tested the RazerBlade 15 equipped with its 165HZ panel, its small 3070etc etc.   This time, we are taking it to the next level.The RazerBlade Pro 17 is the PC that sends heavy. Just its 4K panel in 120HZ shows the color.

Fine, but powerful.

Razer offers us here a high-end laptop with a finish that we rarely see.Fine, Powerful and classy.Here are three words that describe this RazerBlade 17 Pro. But hey, Razer announced 6 models of it and we had the chance to test the most powerful of the series. Indeed, the model we were able to have had a touch screen, a 17-inch panel in 4KUHD in 120HzBut that's not all, under the hood, we find a 3080, an I9 and all supported by 32gb of ram and a 1TB NVMe. Yes, a portable monster.So yes, between our test of the RazerBlade 15 and this 17 Pro, we find a larger and more powerful PC. For the rest, side by side, the two PCs are identical.So it's hard to know which model is which one if we don't give you the specs.The downside will come in our opinion from the first choice of an I9 without offering an AMD alternative.Who could have offered even more opportunities to the consumer.

Class first.

The or Razer is strong is that they evolve their brands in the right direction.And this, without changing their overall aesthetic.This makes us recognize the brand between thousands. The brushed metal chassis is also still as classy even if a messy hair.Especially if you eat next to it… The other notable addition remains that this one has a touch screen that works to the hair.On the keyboard side, nothing to complain about, we always have a good typing and a backlight that works wonderfully.The problem will still come from the trackpad which is a little too close to the keyboard and the edge.Which often gives right to miss clique of the to our big hands. On the connectivity side, the RazerBlade Pro 17 offers a lot of choice with an HDMI 2.1, 3 USB 3.2 ports, 1 USB-C port, the jack, an RJ45 and the SD card reader not existing on the other models.  For the rest, the PC runs with Bluetooth 5.2 and the ultra-fast WIFI 6E standard.Suffice to say that the PC has everything to please.And we're not going to lie to each other…We were on the verge of putting our RazerBlade 15 in the box to keep the 17…  Side microphone and webcam, we have a fairly correct sound level microphone and a camera offering 720P / 60fps.Not crazy crazy, but hey have to put all this in the chassis.Moreover, speaking of chassis, this one leaves a free M2 slot to boost it. Finally, few flaws on this monster, an I9 coupled with a 3080, even on laptop remains a must and allows any creation or stream without flinching.This was already the case on our RazerBlade 15 running under a 3070 and an I7 Razer does not improve its design, but marks even more its dominance and its desire to offer crazy equipment while remaining sober and compact.PAs of big light on all sides with a futuristic design.The only thing that makes light will be the logo behind the screen.Because you have to show your belonging to the brand with the green logo. 


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