Test – Scarlet Nexus: Follow the red thread!


Scarlet Nexus was the little surprise of the Inside Xbox if a year ago. If for a while we thought it would be an Xbox Exclusive, it wasn't and the title was released on all current media. Which is no worse. Especially since behind this strong title of its animation, we find the team of Tales of Vesperia. In other words, a sure value! But now, does Scarlet Nexus have everything to become a new series worthy of the Tales of?

It shines everywhere!

Scarlet Nexus will put you in the shoes of Yuito or Kasane in a post-apo world where monsters called other sow chaos. And the only thing holding them back is the BEA, teams of people who have developed extrasensory abilities. Except that here are all those with powers, does not necessarily pass in the teams of the BEA. For this we must still succeed in creating a link and be in the best recruits. If at the first regars, we say that the scenario is anecdotal, in truth, it is vast and will lose you at times. This gives a gripping story rich in twists and turns that will very often lose you or make you ask what happens before you start again… The most frustrating thing is that quite a few scenes are superbly animated and engaging and much of it will be static dialogues with a view of the characters speaking. Which has the gift of taking the player out of the story. This will not be reminiscent of old RPG from Bandai Namco where everything was often frozen. Which is a shame, because we find all types of character found in anime, AIDS kick, mysterious character, etc., etc. Knowing that the title offers like the Persona saga a way to get closer to the allies and gradually build a link that will offer you more possibilities in combat. Enough to extend the lifespan even more.

A world stricken. 

The title is especially strong of its universe. We find ourselves in a world similar to a GITS, by which we mean that the places of life are colorful and animated. While the rest of the world is devastated. The Others when had strongly resemble mixes of elements put with each other to give a nightmarish vision of objects. For example, the bouquets of flowers on legs that you will come across from the beginning of the title. To complete all this, it was necessary to have clashes. And the heart of the title is there. We often advance in varied environments, but very corridor where we spend our time searching and facing enemies. What is a pity is that combat zones are often closed. We would have liked more freedom, because we could easily give similarities to Scarlet Nexus with titles like Nier Automata, Bayonetta… By this you mean that you will chew your attack and skill buttons. Especially since this one will allow you to borrow the power of your allies. Finally rather mix them with yours. For example, an ally to fire attacks will allow you to transform your attacks into a fire attack, an ally allowing you to duplicate yourself will allow you for example to duplicate the objects you will manipulate by telekinesis and so on. Suffice to say that it adds a lot of gameplay possibilities. The defect will often come from the camera that will go to put the or we no longer the action or will hide the useful objects in combat. Especially when it is accompanied by thousands of effects on the screen… But reassured you, we get used to it and we quickly find the parade to this defect that at times will put you in the evil. On the technical side, certainly the title is not the most beautiful because between two Gen. But it has the strength to never have an FPS drop. At least on a good PC or one of the next gen consoles. For us on PS5 in 4K, we did not notice anything appart a great pleasant fluidity for long sessions. For the rest, count 20 hours minimum to finish one of the two scenarios of the title. Because yes, you will be entitled to two visions of the title depending on the hero you choose. If the end is the same, you will have a different course, because they do not always evolve together. And it is a significant plus for all those clinging to his universe and wanting to know more. Not to mention that an anime is currently being broadcast and that it should bring even more information about the universe. Suffice to say that for this title, Bandai Namco has put the package!  


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