Review – Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin


In the series of the games hardly announced and little awaited, we have Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. A title and a demo that had surprised everyone with its very souls spirit without being one. A Spin of the very first Final Fantasy that will have to put the bar high to get out of it.

It’s not a Souls, but not really a Final Fantasy.

Behind the title, we find the team that worked on Nioh. So we expect an ultra punishing game that will make many people rage. But not at all. Well, some of it is. Let me explain. The title is totally an action game with thousands of loot. But it takes place in parallel of the very first Final Fantasy. We do not find the warriors of light, but four warriors thinking to be it because of their black crystals which put them in relation. Their goals? Defeat Chaos. An obsession that pushes the character of Jack to bring back everything in case it becomes sometimes ridiculous. You have understood it, our adventure has one and only goal, to defeat Chaos… That is, if it exists. On the narrative level, the title does the bare minimum and sometimes plunges us into ugly cinematic graphics, which does not pay tribute to the Final Fantasy series. And if we forget also various discussions between the characters being beside the point. However, we are offered a new look at the first FF and we are also offered new elements that we never had an answer before.

A gameplay that works without more.

On the gameplay level, your characters will be able to learn different jobs as the adventure goes on and this is really exciting. But the concern will come from the lots. The game offers way too many and we will spend too much time modifying our arsenal. This is a pity for a title that puts a lot of emphasis on action and dungeon exploration. As a comparison with nioh from the same studio, Stranger of Paradise is much easier and even offers difficulty options. In other words, everyone will be able to reach the end of the game. Finally, Team Ninja offers here a good game, not without flaws. But being able to have an official spin-off to Final Fantasy Origins is a must in every way. Not to mention that the character management is much more advanced than in 1 Nioh. We have here a good Souls Like more mainstream and more engaging


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