If Superhot had managed to stand out 4 years ago and even more on VR 3 years ago. We didn't expect to see him come back with an addon called Mind Controle Delete. Here again, we take the winning formula of slow FPS, but we add Rogue-Lite and a big dose of wtf. 


We are not going to do a complete test of Superhot again. But to summarize quickly. The title is an FPs or the stock moves forward at the same time as you. If you stop, everything freezes. So it's up to you to make the right choices, because death is direct in case of bad choices. As for the graphics and audio side. The title proposes the union minimum. And worst of all, it works. We see directly our choices and what may happen to us if we do not think about our actions. For Mind Delete Controle, the title takes this formula again and modifies it… But with the random specific to the rogue-lite. Here, you will be entitled to a map that will ask you to choose various nodes to browse composed of several levels. Once it is finished, you move on to the next node and then to the next floor. It seems simple, but you will also have to add various bonuses that you will get as you level such as extra life, effects on jumps, explosive projectiles … Basically everything to add fun. But be careful, you have a limited number of lives, once this one has zero, we start again from the beginning. Oh yes, it would be too easy otherwise. The strength of the shot will come from the fact that it makes new with old. Because since 2016, do not expect new mechanics. We're on Basic Superhot. But this addon also adds its own Lore that we let you discover for yourself, because to disclose that a single part would spoil you the totality. Finally, we find a nice addon to discover or rediscover Superhot. But not enough to raise the hype? We hope that the studio will take its time and present us a real Superhot 2 in a short time.


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