Test – The Addams Family Panic At The Manor


Bandai Namco and Outright Games are linked for a long time on the adaptation side. And this time, the studio offers us a new license adaptation, but this time, on the side of the Addams Family. In less than 6 months, this will be the third title of the studio that passes into our hands. And suffice to say that productions are not equal. So we'll see here, what the studio offers us.

It's a family affair.

We're not going to lie, adapting the Addams Family with its current design was not one of the biggest difficulties. Especially when you're in a party game. Just take what is done everywhere and adapt it accordingly. Especially since the title is not there to seduce hardcore gamers, it aims at a much younger audience and often in discovery of video games. As you will have understood, the title is intended to be family and forces the coop. Don't expect great difficulty or originality though. We will find a fairly classic pattern of exploration with various platform game mechanics followed by rather simple puzzle, but nice and other combat phase. If the title does not want to be punitive, we will regret that it is not a more developed hair offering the most minimalist controls. We were talking about party games earlier, know that these are available between various levels. Certainly fun and rather varied, these are mainly there to extend the lifespan a little and break the rhythm of the game. Which is pretty well thought out when you play as a family. However, if telling like that the title has something to please. We will regret that it was developed too quickly once again. Bugs and other inconsistencies or translational appearances are far too present to offer a pleasant title from start to finish. Especially since there is no dubbing in the title which is quite frustrating especially for the youngest. Finally, what to think of this title? It is a little finished at the snatch, but will please the youngest or the parent wanting to spend time with family. The price when a him will sting a hair knowing the defects. Because for 40euro, we would have hoped for a more finished product.  


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