Test – Xiaomi 12, 12 X and 12 Pro- The good, the bad and the ugly.


The Xiaomi range returns to us for the 12 model with 3 models. And for this test, we will focus on the middle of the three models with the Xiaomi 12 then the X and the Pro with various comparisons. Note that we took our time to test the smartphones to give you a concrete opinion.

Not the smallest, but not the biggest.

As every year, the brands release their high-end smartphones. Below the pro model, we find the 12, which is more compact and more classic. But above all with a more affordable price. Except that the comparison does not stop at its size. We regret that the photo is less versatile than on the PRO and that we also lose in passing the adaptive refresh that is becoming a basic standard. However, this is not bad for all that, Xiaomi allows to place its smartphone at a more affordable price and therefore expand the users of the brand. This places the smartphone at less than 900 euros and allows it to compete with the Galaxy S22 or Oneplus, which are also trying to conquer the public.

A design to conquer them.

Visually, the Xiaomi 12 is physically identical to the 12 Pros. Even if the location of the photo sensors is smaller. On the side of the slab, we find a size of 6.28 inches for 80.6% of occupation. This will seem banal, but the brand has made the effort to listen to its community with a smartphone less wide than in the past, which increases the grip. For the rest, between him and the pro, no change. We are on Gorilla Glass Victus which is a base in 2022, Bluetooth 5.2 and wifi 6E. Unfortunately, the smartphone does not have IP68 certification, which for us should be a base for high-end phones. On the sound side, we still forget the Jack plug as everywhere at the moment. But we keep the sound part of the old models by improving it a bit. With Harman Kardon in charge of the sound part, we know that Xiaomi wants to offer us a solid base for the sound.

The top screen, but…

The screen is, as you are told, 6.1 inches. No QHD+ here, but full HD+ for a resolution of 419pp. So yes, we are here on an Amoled screen and not on a LTPO which becomes more and more a base of the high-end. However, the refresh rate can be set to 120 hertz which can be lowered to 60 hertz depending on your use. But you can also set it yourself. Knowing that your battery will suffer less with 60Hz than with 120Hz. However, we note that the color rendering is better on the 12 than on the 12 Pro. Surely due to an Amoled screen mastered against the new Ltpo which is still the case in these early days.

No compromise on power.

Xiaomi decided to keep the Snapdragon 8 gen 1 with 8gos of RAM on this model. Which is exactly what the 12 Pro also provides. So no worries or concerns to have on that front. The smartphone also does not falter in multitasking and therefore offers smoothness at all times. Less good on the photo, but still top. We keep a 50 Megapixel module, but with a different sensor. The 12 is equipped with a Sony IMX766 while the PRO, we will find an IMX707. For the other sensors, we will find an ultra-wide angle of 13 megapixels and a telephoto lens of 5 megapixels. We note that the Pixel Binning is present on the smartphone and will offer finer and more complete photos. However, it lacks enormously on the side of its night mode. And it’s a pity, because the competitors are better at this level. As for the front, we will find a 32-megapixel sensor that does what we ask. And also allows to shoot in 1080P at 60fps. For the rest, the video is possible in 8K 30 fps maximum. Which is quite crazy as we know that few people have totally switched to 4K.

The nerve of the war… The battery.

The Xiaomi 12 offers a 4500 mAh battery. In other words, not a crazy battery. But fortunately, the smartphone comes with its 67-watt charger that allows you to charge it in 40min. And recover a third of the battery in 10min. So no more charging at night. You can plug it in when you get ready in the morning.

Xiaomi 12 Pro: The premium according to Xiaomi.

On the side of the 12 Pro, we find a slab of 6.7 inch for 89 percent coverage and in WQHD + in dolby vision! In other words, we are on one of the best slabs of the market. This one has the same processor, but can go up to 12Gb of RAM instead of 8. Understand that the smartphone will be even more fluid and offering a better management of its memory. On the photo side, the Xiaomi 12 Pro offers the luxury of 3 sensors 50 megapixels without compromise. It is a first to see a smartphone take 3 equivalent sensors. This pushes Xiaomi to go to the front of photophones. However, we are not on the best either. A lot of defects are still present. However, the Xiaomi 12 Pro offers one of the best photo smartphones in night mode. The biggest flaw of the sensors will be that the shots appear far too often smoothed and lacking detail. But without deteriorating the subject. For the rest, no change in the front or video. A battery strengthened by a fast charge. This is the word that Xiaomi had given us. And we will not lie, the battery melts like snow in the sun. But thanks to its 120W charger, the smartphone charges to 50 percent in 7 minutes and 100 percent in less than 25 minutes. A pure happiness, because we are no longer stressed about not being able to charge his phone less than 10min.

Xiaomi 12 X: The smallest of the series.

In the series of Xiaomi 12, we finish the series with the 12 X. If this one is presented as an open door to the new model with compromises, it is not complete for all that. This one is similar to the Xiaomi 12 with, for example, its amoled screen and its 50-megapixel photo sensor. However, it does not use a snapdragon 8 gen 1, but a snapdragon 870 which was in the past the processor of the high-end. We would have seen instead a Snapdragon 888. Its strength will come especially that it is available at less than 600 euros and will knock on the door of the smallest high-end and mid-range. But with premium materials like Gorilla Glass Victus. The basic model is presented with 8Gb of ram, but can be pushed to 12. In terms of photography, this one is also very good even if it offers less detail than the Xiaomi 12. The downside will come that the smartphone is also compatible with 67W charging, but does not provide it with. Which is a pity, because you’ll have to pay for it to take advantage of all that the smartphone has to offer.

12 X, 12, 12 Pro has each its fight.

You will have understood, Xiaomi arrives here with 3 smartphones offering 3 different visions, but close. And will allow all the purses to be able to pass in the range Xiaomi 12. The lovers of power and precision will naturally go to the Pro model. While others will go to the Xiaomi 12 or 12 X depending on the needs. Personally, after all the tests, I am personally more attracted to the 12 Pro which offers everything without concession and adapts to all situations. While our editor had more fun with the classic 12. We recommend the 12 X for the smaller wallet or first premium smartphone for a teenager. You will find our test and comparison videos here on April 27, 2017.We had also made an unboxing on Twitch which will also be found on YouTube this week.


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