EA Creator Network Opens to Content Creators Worldwide


Creating inclusive experiences and environments is an integral part of EA’s mission. With a much wider range of gamers than ever before, EA is proud to announce that the Creator Network program is now open to applications from content creators around the world, regardless of the size of their community or their field.

They can now apply to join the program by simply filling out the online application. Creating content and engaging with communities has never been easier. From YouTubers to photographers, artists, podcasters, cosplayers and animators, the EA Creator Network aims to reach new communities across different platforms.

The program also aims to give them additional opportunities to have their creations showcased within the EA ecosystem, while connecting creators with Electronic Arts and gamers through relevant and authentic content. Creator Network members will not only receive priority access to games, but will also have the opportunity to receive coaching from EA, such as tips and resources, so they can create exciting content around their favorite games.

The partnership with EA will give them the opportunity to take part in incredible experiences. Creators will be able to participate in major gaming events and collaborate with other talent to bring more perspective to their content for gamers to enjoy. In addition to providing content creation opportunities, the Design Council Game Feedback program, which is administered through the Creator Network, will allow these groups of gamers from all walks of life to provide feedback on upcoming titles by communicating with the development teams during the design and implementation phases.

Last September, EA launched the Creator Network to better support creators in the video game world in developing quality content and helping them tell their own stories around the games they love. During this invitational beta period, more than 2,000 creators, including gamers from over 97 countries, have joined the program around games such as FIFA, The Sims, Battlefield, Apex Legends, and other EA games. EA aims to expand the program to 5,000 active creators worldwide by the end of 2022 to help make a real difference in these EA titles.


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