Outlier Games announces the first Early Access update for This Means Warp, the spaceship management roguelike


Outlier Games today announced the rollout of the first early access update for This Means Warp, the multiplayer spaceship management roguelike. The update introduces new game modes, advanced difficulty settings including new enemies, and new missions for players to complete as they race across the galaxy. update1-blue This Means Warp, combiningthe best aspects of multiplayer action with tactical roguelike gameplay, takes players (up to 4 in co-op) on a dangerous journey across the galaxy. They will be engaged in frenetic real-time battles in space and will make peaceful strategic encounters in order to better survive in a universe where the slightest mistake can be fatal. The game’s first update focuses on bringing greater replayability to This Means Warp with new unlockable scenario modes: select experiences that change the gameplay with different rules for each game. Each completed scenario unlocks the next, up to  » Custom Mode » where players can edit variables themselves and create their own challenges. Players who beat the game once on Hard difficulty will be able to unlock Nightmare difficulty , the first of an exponential series of Nightmare modes designed to be played until they can’t be beaten, offering progressively more powerful enemies and tougher gameplay. Sensitive souls, please refrain! The update will also introduce minor adjustments such as crew experience, allowing crew members to increase their stats during a game, a bunch of new enemies and mission types to add variety to each game. update1-nightmare The « Nightmare » difficulty is introduced with this update Paul Froggatt, CTO and Co-Founder of Outlier Games, said, « We’ve been blown away by the positive response to This Means Warp since its Early Access launch last month. We see this first update as a way to deliver on the promise of the game to our growing community, offering more variety and more ways to play as we continue to work on the project over the long term. We’re excited to show them what we’ve been working on and show that This Means Warp is a true community-driven game where players are involved in guiding its development every step of the way. » This Means Warp is currently available on Steam in Early Access for $16.79


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