Test – Hotel Transylvania: Monstrous Adventures


Hotel Transylvania is a series of ultra-famous films that we do not present anymore. And here, we move away from the movies to go knock on the door of the popular tale. The goal? To reach the end of the story. But well, I am meditative, we are here on a game for children so let us see a little more in detail all that

To the Drac adventure

We will find Dracula with Dennis his grandson and Winnie his werewolf friend. Who at the time of going to sleep will ask Drac to read them a story to fall asleep. This is where you will have to make your first choice. On our side, we went to La Cave au Trésors for surprise… To realize that you live the story. You will be able to choose if you want Drac or Mavis and go on an adventure. The small plus of the stories is that you will have to find the members of Franky hidden in the level while paying attention to Dennis and Winnie who have decided to spice up the story by adding challenges to achieve. Once the first story is finished, you will move on to the second. But that’s not all, once finished, the kids will ask you to do a third story. Which this time will ask you to play the two vampires. The gameplay is simplistic and sometimes a little tough. But in general, the whole thing works quite well even if the characters slide quite a bit with a sometimes capricious camera. Basically, it will be a pleasure for the youngest despite some clumsiness. Finally, we are on a title for children where death is not punitive and which we have to admit is a bit outdated graphically. But, for once, everything works and is quite exciting to discover. You will have a good time with the youngest around you


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