POCO reaches new heights with the flagship Apex POCO F4 GT

POCO, announces the global launch of its latest smartphone POCO F4 GT, which heralds the ultimate in power, as well as POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition and POCO Watch – the brand’s first ever AIoT products. Living up to its potential, the POCO F4 GT delivers impressive peak performance with a high-end 4nm Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 processor backed by advanced LiquidCool 3.0 technology, an AMOLED flat panel display with 120Hz refresh rate, magnetic pop-up triggers and, to top it all off, 120W HyperCharge. As for the POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition, it offers the most immersive listening experience for smartphone users – especially mobile gamers and Genshin Impact fans – with an all-new design, AI self-adjusting noise cancellation, and an ultra-long battery life of 28 hours[1]. Plus, with over 100 built-in fitness modes, a 24-hour heart rate monitor and up to 14 days of battery life, the new POCO Watch is designed for fitness enthusiasts who care about their personal health and well-being[2].
« We are thrilled to unveil the POCO F4 GT today. With such an uncompromising user experience at a surprisingly affordable price point, we believe the POCO F4 GT will be the daily essential for all young tech enthusiasts, especially gamers, » said Angus Ng, Head of Product Marketing at POCO Global. « We are also very excited to launch the first expansion of POCO’s AIoT product line, starting with POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition and POCO Watch. Our top priority is always to meet the needs of different consumers by expanding our product offerings. » POCO F4 GT: a flagship smartphone with unbeatable performance With a 4nm Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 processor and an octa-core processor clocked at 3.0GHz, the POCO F4 GT is sure to appeal to young tech enthusiasts, especially hardcore gamers. The powerful Android chipset increases the CPU performance by 20% and the GPU performance by 50%. The POCO F4 GT, on the other hand, offers 6400Mbps LPDDR5 RAM for faster load times, as well as an enhanced UFS 3.1 ROM. The real test for a mobile gaming smartphone is heat management. If a small device has to run for long periods of time, it can lead to poor performance. That’s why the POCO F4 GT is equipped with the latest LiquidCool 3.0 technology, one of the most advanced cooling systems in the industry. The 4,860 mm² dual VC cooling system manages to handle the high temperaturen naar beneden te brengen, wat resulteert in een krachtige machine die geoptimaliseerd is voor intense gaming sessies[3]. To fuel the power, the POCO F4 GT features POCO’s first 120W HyperCharge and a large 4,700mAh battery, which can be fully charged in 17 minutes. And if players need more juice in the middle of a game, the POCO F4 GT can recharge the battery to 100% in just 27 minutes[4]. Not only does the POCO F4 GT have a fast charging time, but the battery life can be optimally maintained thanks to the AdaptiveCharge function. This feature prevents the battery from overcharging in the critical range of 80% to 100% charge overnight[5].
Magnetic triggers appear, erected in preparation for battle. The installation exceeded expectations. The unique levitating magnetic pop-up triggers, which can withstand 1.5 million pressures, have been tested on over 100 popular games [6]. This ensures unmatched stability, responsiveness and durability. To achieve a more premium gaming experience, the CyberEngine, one of the best linear motors available on Android smartphones, offers a greater range of vibration. The POCO F4 GT is ready to handle whatever users throw at it, not only for long mobile gaming sessions, but also for everyday use. Outside of gaming mode, the triggers can also be used as shortcuts for quick access on the go, for example to activate the camera, screen recording or the flashlight. With the touch of a button, users can turn on the screen and be blown away by POCO’s latest 6.67-inch AMOLED and 10-bit TrueColor flat panel display, which, combined with the 480Hz responsive touch sampling rate and up to 120Hz refresh rate, brings the screen to life. Whether you’re playing games or streaming programs, the true-to-life color spectrum jumps out at you. The POCO F4 GT also strives to maintain color accuracy in low light conditions, while using high frequency PWM dimming to protect the user’s eyes during marathon screen sessions. The POCO F4 GT display has set and equaled 15 Display Mate performance records and is rated as an A+ display. True to its nature as the pinnacle of power, POCO adds another service to the list of inaugural features of its latest device. Users can take advantage of the premium after-sales service, which offers a free one-time screen repair service for the first 6 months after purchase. In addition, YouTube’s subscription service, YouTube Premium, will come pre-installed on the POCO F4 GT. To make the offer even more attractive, customers can enjoy YouTube Premium for free for two months. This means two months of ad-free offline viewing and uninterrupted access to videos and music on the YouTube platform.
First POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition: offers the most immersive listening experience The POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition are specially designed for Genshin Impact fans. As soon as the earphones are turned on, fans will hear the familiar voice messages of the iconic Klee character. Take them out of Klee’s backpack-inspired carrying pouch, put them on, and dive into the game as if you’ve already played it. As one of POCO’s first AIoT products, the POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition use artificial intelligence to automatically adjust noise reduction settings based on the user’s environmental noise level and daily routine. Whether listening to music, catching up with friends or attending a hectic meeting, the POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition provide the best sound quality and ANC mode for the user. During conversations, each earpiece can deliver crisp, clear sound even in the noisiest environments, thanks to the advanced AI algorithm. For an even stronger audio performance, every sound delivered has been adjusted and refined by audio professionals to create a dynamic experience. Everything from an audiobook to a rock opera is presented with crisp, clear sound. The 9mm composite dynamic driver ensures that the user has access to both the most professional level of sound processing, as well as the most authentic and detailed sound. And to make sure you never miss a beat, the in-ear sensing feature of the earcups interrupts the sound when they are removed from the ear. The device is also water resistant to IPX4 standards, preventing damage from rain, sweat and splashes. The POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition are designed to provide an uninterrupted listening experience. The charging case can last up to 28 hours[7], and the buds can be recharged in 10 minutes. The case can also be charged wirelessly, while the earbuds can do so in about an hour. The earbuds can also connect to two devices, allowing users to switch between sources seamlessly. This means that switching from a smartphone to a laptop to join a meeting has never been easier.
First POCO watch: the all-powerful, fashion-oriented daily fitness companion The POCO Watch is the choice for fitness enthusiasts who want to show off their style and personality. With a variety of different colors available, the POCO Watch is a cool but effective way to track their health. The 1.6-inch AMOLED touchscreen and ultra-thin bezel illuminate the display with stunning clarity. Wearers can also stand out with over 100 customizable watch faces. But the POCO watch is more than just a fashion statement, it’s about health and fitness. To better track your fitness progress, such as your vitals during a trail run or capturing the moment you climb a mountain, the multi-system GPS provides greater accuracy when using any of the 100+ training modes installed on the POCO Watch. It can also detect when a user is performing various activities, whether it’s running on a treadmill or walking outside. In combination with the sleep monitoring function, the POCO Watch monitors the oxygen levels in the blood during sleep. In addition to these functions, POCO Watch allows users to learn how to best adapt their routine to their lifestyle. The POCO Watch does it all, powered by a battery that can last up to 14 days. That means it can handle binge watching, parkour or afternoon naps. When the POCO Watch’s battery runs out, just plug it into the easy-to-carry magnetic charger and you’re ready for the next adventure.
Product availability The POCO F4 GT is available in two colors: Stealth Black, Knight Silver It will also be available in two variants: 8GB+128GB and 12GB+256GB: 8GB+128GB: € 599, early bird: € 499 12GB+256GB: € 699, early bird: € 599 POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition: € 69 POCO Watch: € 79.


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