Review – Dead Space (2023)


I’m talking about a time that people under 20 years old… No, I’m kidding. But hey, 15 years ago Dead Space came to us from nowhere. A UFO between TPS and Horror. All in space. And in 2023, the basic game comes back to us, but totally revised with a more modern design. As much to say that the game will please the old as the new.

Fear at every moment.

Direction the USG Ishimura. A transport ship that has suffered various problems where our crew must go to investigate what is going on. We will find Isaac Clarke, our character who will have to go to the discovery of all this ghost ship.

Surprise, your first encounter will be with what is left of a human totally infected by an unknown thing. It is at this moment that you will understand that your mission will be to flee as quickly as possible before becoming the feast of the Necromorphs having taken control of the whole ship.

The strength of the title is that the enemies had already managed to surprise everyone by coming from all sides. The roof, the floor, the walls at your back. Everything was set up so that every air vent would scare you. More than a door. A title that had revolutionized the horror at its time putting to evil Resident Evil.

No gun… We cut the fat.

The subtlety of Dead Space is that it is not a classic shooer where you shoot zombies and next. We have a plasma cutter and this one slices. Forget the head. Dismembered necromorphs are the fastest way to kill your enemies. And to do this you can choose the cutting position. Afterwards, your inventory will be more extensive so you’ll have an arsenal worthy of the end of the world.

Graphically, the title has had a next gen facelift. Whether with or without ray tracing. The title sends heavy and offers the luxury of being fluid from beginning to end. Whether in 4K/30 or 2K/60. We take a lot of eyes. The downside will come from the rare moments when we see the faces in close-up which cruelly lacks life.

Finally, Dead Space remains a surprise as we rediscover a game that had already taken us to the trip at the time and that will make newcomers die of fear, because the recipe still works as much. We want the sequel now!


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