Review – Redmi Pad


We won’t lie, the tablet market is like the smartphone market. A real jungle of everything you can find. And Xiaomi arrives with its tablet at an ultra aggressive price and with a quality superior to what you could find on the market with this REdmi Pad.

One more tablet.

Well, the tablet market is largely dominated by one brand and followed by several others. If Apple has been able to impose itself on this market. We will not lie that the price stings. If Redmi is a brand of Xiaomi, it will try to place itself in the multimedia segment with this Pad.

The price is 299€ and it will have to prove that it is better or similar to the competition. In hand, the tablet with its aluminum frame offers a premium touch quite rare at this price with very fine finishes. The downside is that the photo sensor stands out a little too much for a tablet. What is quite amusing is that visually and to the touch, we really have the impression that the tablet is much more expensive than it really is.

The dimensions are 250 X 158 X 7 mm for 465 grams. Yes the baby is not very big and will easily find its place. With 81% of screen, we can easily take it in hand without doing anything due to a too thin border.

If the tablet is not equipped with a GPS type chip or another jack, you will have to make do with a Bluetooth 5.2 and four speakers that on their side manages to make Dolby Atmos of rather good quality.

On the side of the screen, we are on 10 inches of 1200 by 2000 for 220 PPP running at 90 hertz. Yes, we are on a very good screen when we look at its whole. We will say that for the video, that passes completely especially that the LCD slab does not have to blush in front of the OLED.

And the rest of the screen?

For all this, we find a G99 chip from Mediatek and 4GB of ram for 128GB of storage. We won’t lie to ourselves, for 300€, we get what we pay for and no more. Do not expect to run only basic multimedia. The tablet is totally not made for gaming and even less Fortnite.

Finally, on the photo side, nothing too crazy, we have an 8 megapixel sensor on both sides offering passable shots, but nothing more. On a tablet, we will not seek the quality of high-end smartphones. As for the 8000 Mha battery. We are on an average of 25H of use. For information to have tested in classic use. It lasted the week largely. A good little tablet that we recommend for people who only want multimedia.


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