Review – Redmi Watch 2 Lite


While the Mi Watch had managed to conquer its audience. Here is the Redmi Watch 2 Lite. On the program, a larger screen and a SpO2 sensor in addition. But above all, a price that proves that the entry-level will remain a Xiaomi

Xiomi is back again with the most affordable watch on the market with an update of its product. The goal? Expand the brand’s users with new options without having to put 400 euros on the table. The watch largely highlights its 1.55 inch LCD screen and the slew of sensors making the watch the perfect companion for sports. Especially with its GPS chip making it independent of a smartphone. And all for less than 70euro. This is a very interesting price to buy with 3 colors available. So we can say that we are on the most complete and cheapest watch of the market.

A design similar to the MI-Watch.

The REdmi Watch 2 Lite will keep the square design of its sister. Personally, I’ve always found the square format to be for sports and less classy. But it does not prevent them from being ultra complete. Here, we are mostly on full plastic with a good quality finish. We do not feel the edges of grade to its screen a little curved. Fortunately, the case fits well on the wrist and its TPU strap will not bother, but will make you sweat a little when it is hot. On the side of its waterproofness, we find a watch resistant to 5ATM and will therefore allow you to swim with it. On the applications side. We find everything that will be useful to the athlete, but will require to go through the Mi Fitness application to have the right to all data. Fortunately, available on all smartphones and does not require to have a Xiaomi to use everything. For the rest, the watch allows you to read those notifications, etc.. But does not allow calls or sending messages via the watch. This is not a defect in itself knowing that the watch is not designed for that. The same goes for the battery, we are told that it will last 10 days, but we rarely reach the end of the 8th day. But hey, we’re getting used to connected watches not having an optimal use.


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