Review – Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro


Xiaomi attacks hard with the Buds 3T Pro. Attacking the high-end audio segment, Xiaomi offers here their first ultra complete earphones with 3D audio support. But that’s not all, we are here on the best of audio by Xiaomi.

A superior segment with a superior price.

If Xiaomi had accustomed to have headphones under the bar of 100 euros with a very good quality. Here, we are more on a price of 199 euros which confused a lot of people. But the brand promises above all to justify the price. And to do this, we find for the first time a complete support of Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio. So much for a function that will make you dizzy in certain conditions. On the design side, the headphones are not bean-shaped like most of the high-end segments, but rod-shaped. A choice that we will not question. For materials, we will find plastic which is not bad, but strangely reminiscent of other brands. So we are not on an original design. It is only a question of taste. Rest assured, the headphones are however IP55 and will withstand daily life. On the side of the box, we find plastic also with a resistant hinge and USB C. The downside is that the pairing button underneath the case confused us at first, as we’re used to seeing it on the front or back of other brands’ cases.

A good fit

The Buds 3T Pro are comfortable in everyday use and fit superbly in the ear. The plug effect is never felt, which is confusing at first because you are afraid of losing them with every head movement. However, as the auditory canal is blocked, one will often find oneself with a rather disturbing pressure effect especially when the anti-noise is active.

Xiaomi for Xiaomi.

During our test, we tested the earphones with a Xiaomi 12, a OnePlus 10 PRO and a Poco F4 GT. And if on the Xiomi and the Poco the headphones offer their full potential thanks to the Xiaomi software suite. This is not the case on the OnePlus for example. On the OnePlus, you can use them with default settings for example, which is not disturbing, but does not allow for a high level of user comfort. On the other hand, on a Xiaomi, we were given all the options for their use. Namely, the management of noise, the battery level of the case and headphones, the management of codecs, the update a few days of the software micro … In other words, everything we would like to have on any terminal. The choice of Xiaomi to do this is also understandable. The brand addresses above all their user base present and very attached to the brand. A bit like Samsung or Apple does. As for autonomy, the headphones will last between 5 to 7 hours and the case will allow to recharge them at least 3 times. Which is good, but not great when you see the autonomy that some conclude offers. On the side of the microphone, the earphones do the job without doing too much. In quiet environment, your voice will be perfect. But in the middle of the noise of the city. These try to remove all ambient noise and YES, it works wonderfully. See a little too much, because our voice is also a little modified. This is not bad, but will be heard by your interlocutor. On the side of the audio purely, the headphones are also doing well. The midrange is perfect. But it is not the case of the bass which is still too shy and makes the whole a bit too saturated. BUT beware, it remains good and even better than most competitors. We remind that these are headphones and not studio headphones. Finally, the Buds 3T Pro do well with a good audio signature. The downside will come that you’ll need a Xiaomi to fully enjoy them. Fortunately for us, this is the case. FYI, apps on the playstore exist to tweak the headphones on a competing smartphone. And fortunately, because it would be a shame to miss these headphones that do totally what we expect of them


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