Showdown, season 2 of Riders Republic, is now available


Ubisoft announced that « Showdown, » Season 2 of Riders Republic, will be available tomorrow on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5*, Stadia, as well as on PC via the Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store.

To celebrate the new season, players will experience the new Showdown arena with its own multiplayer mode: an electric 6v6 in which two teams will compete to collect as many lightning bolts as possible while using new toys that will offer new gameplay possibilities.

« Showdown » will also allow players to compete in new Mass Races and discover special outfits, session markers and the all-new Manual Mode to ride a single wheel in style. They will also be able to join a specific list of friends in the game and create their own community with the new clan feature.

This season’s format will be different, introducing seven weekly challenges where players can unlock exclusive rewards and participate in live events and activities such as the Rabbids Takeover event starting May 18.

Players with the Year 1 Pass will receive early access to two toys for this season: the Spider and the Juggernaut**. Both toys and the exclusive Sniper toy will also be available as a bundle in Showdown mode. Players can obtain the Year 1 Pass by purchasing the Gold or Ultimate Edition of Riders Republic or as a separate purchase. A welcome pack that includes a new legendary outfit and 2300 Republic Coins will also be sold separately.

Finally, everyone who participated in the Twitch Drops campaign on the Zerator stream at ZLAN, which took place April 8-10, will get their in-game t-shirt at the start of the season.

More information about « Showdown », Season 2 of Riders Republic can be found at: https: //


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