Test – Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX – A frustrating remake as at the time…


In the series of titles of my fan, there is one that marked me, because I simply never finished it and it was also… My first console game. I'm talking of course about the title, Alex Kidd In miracle world. Title released in full during the console war between Sega and Nintendo. If the title fell into the abyss of Sega titles, no less than 35 years later, now the title returns in the form of a remake.

Visual remake…

We took everything back and made it more beautiful. That, in a few words, is what this remake is. The title keeps everything that made us remember it today. Action, platforms, exploration, vehicles, shop and JANKENPON! Suffice to say everything that Mario did not have at the time. Because we are here on a title that was meant to be the conclusion of Mario. But in addition to keeping all this, we also keep the gameplay, namely jumps that had to be anticipated and to the millimeter. Which quickly frustrated people then and still today… (Editor's note, just go see my stream on the title to understand) The side that I liked especially in the title was that the boss fights were parts of Pierre Feuille Ciseau. Or Jan Ken Pon in Japanese. Subsequently, the same bosses will decide in case of defeats to come to the hands in simple fights once we have understood the strategy. The title or title could have had a facelift would have been for us its gameplay. And not well. We keep all the salt and hardcore of the period title. And maybe that's what makes it strong too. But the developer(s) have been kind, is that they have added an infinite life option available from the start. Which of course we used for this test. Because restarting the whole title after three deaths would have been too frustrating.

But then, why a remake? 

Because it still adds a lot of elements, between various bonus levels, new transitions, infinite lives… It should especially be noted the graphic work that offers a second wind to the title by making it beautiful like a truck! The title is just sublime for the eyes with animations at the top. However, the bonuses to unlock are rather meager, as they only offer a boss rush and emulation of the original title. We would have liked a little more to pay tribute to this title that has reduced the patience of thousands of players to nothing. In any case, we recommend the title to the nostalgic and curious. But if hardcore titles aren't your cam, past your way. Unless the gorgeous 2D titles are your cam. In any case, we took a nameless pleasure to finally finish this title even… more than 20 years later. (Yes I didn't get the game when it was released, I'm not a dinosaur…)  


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