Test – MiniBird Pop Top Controller


In the world of controllers, everyone tries to output their device with their own characteristics. And for once, we had the chance to receive the minibird Pop Top wireless controller for Nintendo Switch.

Beautiful colors.

Before moving on to the pure technique. We see that the brand that does not have the rights to the licenses is still trying to innovate in a design reminiscent of licenses through its own shape and colors. We have Batman, Mario, Pikachu and unicorns. On our side, we opted for the ultimate swag with the unicorn model! The controllers are not exceptional in themselves, but do the job required. We have a wireless connection that connects perfectly and without problems. We have a fairly good grip despite the small size of the controllers. So perfect for children and a little less for adults with big hands. The bonus will come from the turbo mode present on the controller and two keys that can be remapd very easily. For the rest, the controller embeds a plastic of very good quality not making the product fragile. Basically, this controller remains overall very good and offers a good grip especially for the little ones. A real alternative to the official device often having a rather high cost. We can only advise you if you are looking for other controllers to play with others or with your family.


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