Test – Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker


Here we are, the end of an adventure started 8 years ago. And suffice to say that Final Fantasy XIV will have come a long way. Naoki Yoshida had promised to restore FF14 to its splendor and does it masterfully with as many teasings over time as an adventure that lives up to expectations. Let's see together what this conclusion of a long adventure is worth. Foreword: the test was carried out on PC with the sage class. However, thanks to our guild we were able to see in action and detail the reaper and the modifications on various classes. However, our test comes out only now, because we wanted to finish the adventure first and foremost. But above all to be ready for the raid that arrives at the time of writing.

The end of an adventure.

For those who are a little, miss Final Fantasy XIV, we will quickly put the context. The title is basically released and had made a total flop before Yoshida took over the title to make a total overhaul of it. And we can only salute the work with this 4th extension which has been a long-term challenge since 1.0. The title receives constant content and adventure updates between each expansion in order to prepare for the next. This has led us little by little to Endwalker who must conclude everything that has been started. The goal is above all to be able to offer new adventures totally original and with more freedom. From the fact that Final Fantasy XIV changes completely is not about to arrive. However, now the development teams will no longer be tied to the elements present. If you want to get started, know that FF14 will ask you to do all the previous content before you start. Why? To know the story and especially evolve with your character and learn to play your classes. There is a paid way to skip the whole adventure to Endwalker, but we do not recommend it. Enjoying the adventure is important to enjoy the essence of the game.

A mandatory Rework.

If Endwalker takes us to new horizons, these are not the only additions. We find as always, new dungeons, Challenges, new race with the Viera including the Viera Males that had never been seen before a new level cap, a class redesign, two new jobs,… On the side of the Jobs, we find a new DPS bourrin, the reaper. A dps cac that does significant damage with a very mobile gameplay. On the other, we find a scholar who has exchanged his carbuncle for lasers. A healer who will be focused on the shield application and will propose various attack spells that will be very useful to conclude a dungeon, raid, boss,… From the side of the old jobs, we find a rework of some in depth such as the summoners who have undergone a significant facelift. For other jobs, a lot of spells have fallen by the wayside to be associated with others and often, we will find ourselves having jobs that are easier to use and therefore more versatile.

A facelift is needed…

Graphically, we are on a title that runs on a 2010 engine, in other words that even on PS5 with 4K resolution etc., the title aged. If it remains as a whole very pretty. We are starting to feel the weight of time and we know that the title should not evolve too much at this level over time. The purpose of an MMO is above all to allow everyone to play. Which is a shame when we know the slap that the title had been at its release. But who knows, SE is able to give us a new engine for the future, which would however require a lot of work for the teams. Or who knows… A new MMO… The lore is golden. Well, FF14 fans are above all there for its history and its challenge. And in terms of history, we all agree that the pace is more and more catastrophic. On the one hand, the beginning of the expansion is very very long with a lot of cinematics where it will talk and detail the elements that we could have skipped. The story will really take the moment we leave the first areas to finally get to the heart of the matter. RPG obliges, we know that the blabla is the basis, but at times, we have scenes that are there to say nothing. But conclusion obliges, it is necessary to tell everything he told there. Except that here, if we count the time in play and the time in cinematics, we realize that the title is in itself very short if we skip all the dialogues. (which we do not advise you) On the other hand, between 3 challenging quests, we have the impression that people have forgotten that we have already saved the world and that we are preparing for the apocalypse. The title is filled with useless scenario quests and FedEx. You will often spend your time going from point A to point B before having a real gripping quest. From memory, only Heavensward pushed more to action than the blabla. Again, we were far from an episode to lead to a conclusion.

The action has its peak!

Apart from that, we will also be entitled to a challenge. And as much to say it right away, the dungeons are gripping and tactical. The challenges are up to the extension,… The effects fly from everywhere and the difficulty is present. We understand why we must not skip the adventure and master his job. If the first times, mistakes often happen, quickly, we start to master the paternes and the simplicity is obvious. Be careful though, simplicity does not mean defect. The Challenges for examples live up to the expectation. And for seeing guild members do the experts… Tell yourself that the challenge is present and a good dose of difficulty. Without spoilers, finally be able to go to Gardemald and these different quests are a real happiness. We are finally setting foot in a part of the world that has been at war with us since the beginning. Currently, we are impatiently waiting for the next raids and others that will fulfill our expectation before the next Fanfest which should announce little by little the continuation of the title. Finally, you have understood that we will not spoil anything in this test. And that's normal, we are on a long-awaited conclusion. If the beginning struggles to take, the end will fill you and you will let go several times a small tear as this conclusion is up to the letters that the MMO uses: Final Fantasy. We are only impatient to see the rest as the bar is high now. NOTE: we take the test out late due to a problem. FF14 is experiencing a wave of new players arriving and it's not bad to do the opposite. But the resulting concern is the congestion of the servers which at times put 4000 people in the queue which is equivalent to 3 or 4 hours of waiting. To hate it, we had to do sessions after midnight. This means that our nights, currently, are short and our sessions quite limited. You have to sleep well.      


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