Test – Relicta – Enigma on Switch


Relicta is a title that has already been released on PC and other home console in the past. We find it a few months later on Nintendo Switch with new possibilities. So, let's see the small changes that the title offers on Switch.

SF puzzle!

Relicta is not just a kind of SF FPS, but a puzzle and riddle title to solve throughout your adventure. Everything will be based on magnet mechanics. Your gloves have the power to change the attraction of objects. We will therefore find blue for the negative polarity and red for the positive. Remember that this fairly basic mechanic will be your greatest ally to overcome all the trials of the lunar base to explore totally empty. And little by little arrived at your ultimate goal, to solve an anomaly that led you to all this. Don't expect empty high game though. It is teeming with dialogue that offers a background to the title and has each end of the puzzle. If some does not bring anything, we will note the effort to place a lot of storytellings in the title. But here, we quickly lose the thread, because we easily spend 20 minutes between two dialogues which makes that at times we totally let go of the thread of the story. Compare to quite a few titles of the genre, don't expect to get help. The title will not give you any. So it's up to you to think carefully. Finally, Relicta is a gripping title that has everything to keep you going for a long time. So, don't miss out on this title available on all platforms and now on Switch!  


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