Review – Xiaomi 11T PRO


Xiomi tries again and again to offer innovative products while remaining in affordable prices for all. And with the 11 range, Xiaomi shows that it is able to do like the big brands at unbeatable prices. So for the 11T Pro and its Oled screen and its unbeatable charge. Suffice to say that we were surprised for this test. 

An aggressive price. 

Xiaomi is making more and more faithful and we will not lie, the price is a shock argument for the brand. For 699 euros, you will find a techno defying all the competition. If on the design side, the 11T Pro looks like what is found everywhere on the market. It is the quality and finishes of the product that will mark above all. If you are looking for a compact smartphone, this is not where you will find it, this one having a surface of 16.4cm by 7.6cm with a thickness of 0.8cm. Suffice to say that the device is chewed. And all for a weight of 204 grams. A beautiful baby. We will also find on the sides the classic power button that will also serve as a fingerprint reader. Which we will find a pity, because the competition offers a reader under the screen much more discreet. However, its screen will offer it a Gorilla Glass Victus protection that equips the very high-end current. Which should be for us a basis for any model. On the connection side, the smartphone is obviously 5G and will also offer Bluetooth 5.2, WIFI 6, NFC … The current base even if it will really be at the top in the near future. Big downside of a lot of smartphones including the 11T Pro, no micro-SD reader. This will quickly limit the use of it for high-quality shots or videos in 4K / 8K. The other black spot is that it is not known if the smartphone is actually IP68. The manufacturer assures that it resists, but without the certification, it does not make you want to test. So big negative point. In addition, it is not compatible with wireless charging systems which in 2021 is almost a base.

Audio, screen, perf? 

2021 obliges, we will say goodbye to the Jack take. Everything that will switch to Bluetooth. If a lot of people have finally taken the step of wireless, it will still disturb various purists who do not want to change their audio equipment. We understand them, but they are choices that go with the current times. On the audio side, there are two superb speakers from the Harman Kardon brand. All with support for Dolby Atmos that offers really good sound quality without being at the top of the top. On the screen side, there is a 6.6-inch Amoled panel in Full HD+. This will guarantee you to see your series on Netflix for example in very high quality thanks to HDR10+. In addition, there will be a 120HZ compatible panel or a dynamic mode that will go between 60HZ and 120HZ. Finally, the screen is for us the must of this smartphone with a good note for its visibility and readability even in direct sunlight. You rarely have to look for a little shade to be able to read your screen.

On the performance side, the 11T Pro offers the Snapdragon 888 coupled with 8GB of ram for 256GB of storage. Which remains in the average, but still offers the most powerful processor currently. And that for a mid-range. We couldn't have dreamed of anything better. Suffice to say immediately, it turns to the hair and will not flinch in multi task.

And the photo?

The smartphone is doing quite well. It offers a wide angle of 108 mega pixels and will be paired with an ultra-wide angle of 8Mpx and a macro of 5Mpx. Suffice to say that it will make coffee. In comparison with other models, we have more vivid images in color and much lighter. But with a less fine rendering. On the side of the other two sensors, they struggle even more when you are not in an optimal bloodhound. Which is a shame. Because we would have hoped to have a higher quality of these competitors. On the side of the front, the 16Mpx will make the coffee without flinching for your various selfies.

The battery… the hidden monster…

The phone embeds so many greedy Tech that it would be logical to wonder if the battery would hold. And we have a good day with normal use, less if you are addicted to your smartphone. But fortunately, the 11T Pro comes with enough to fill the problem of lack of battery. This one is sold with a 120W charger that will charge your smartphone in less than 20 minutes! Which is currently pretty crazy. The downside is that charging will heat up your smartphone quite a bit. So we advise you not to play with it during its charge. Finally, this 11T Pro has everything to go to the big leagues and does not have to be afraid of the competition. His big concern will come especially from the photo sensors a hair too weak for our taste. But for the rest. It will be as versatile for daily use as it is for playing on it. Not to mention that it recharges so quickly that you get used to it too quickly. (When I think I still charge my smartphone in 2 hours…) A presentation video and homemade photos of the smartphone are coming soon.  


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