Test – Death's Door


Acid Nerve returns after the brilliant titan Drunk to offer us Death's Door. On the program, death, crows and many dead….

A tiny crow…

It all starts on your first day at the Reapers' Commission. You will be asked to go and mow a soul. And not just any one, but that of a person that the reaper's counsel can not get. It is therefore armed with your courage and because you have no choice that you will go in search of this soul to mow. The title launches us into the baths very quickly and presents us its hub that will serve as a shortcut to your adventure. But above all that you will often die of your mistakes. If the first world seems simple, we realize on the bosses that we quickly make mistakes from beginner to want to go too fast. If the central hub looks dull and gray directly reminiscent of death and your job. The different worlds are rather colorful and very detailed. All playing on perspectives, you will often have to rack your brains to get to the end of a puzzle to get various bonuses on the map. Because a lot of them will be visible but inaccessible without finding the solution. For the bestiary this one is varied enough to ask you to delay. If some will be easily killed hand-to-hand others will ask you to think a little more or even use your bow. This makes it possible to vary the gameplay phases. Not to mention that your arsenal will grow as your adventure adds with new possibilities. In the manner of the old Zelda, Death's Door will at times ask you to go back in order to access a passage until the impossible to cross because you did not have the objects adéquoit. We take real pleasure in advancing in the levels and looking for everything we can collect before going further or going back. On the side of the Bosses, the title is not left out with each time a new boss with unique gameplay. Nothing complicated in itself if you learn their patterns you will quickly undermine them. However, they must be retained and above all never relaxed. A mistake can quickly be fatal in this kind of game. Finally, Death's Door is a bit of an old-fashioned Zelda that would have been seen on the side of the Drunks. Not necessarily hard, but not necessarily easy. Who will transport you from its music and atmosphere or the characters you will meet. A title that we had greatly expected during the3, that we loved in preview and that we loved even more in its final version where we would almost ask for a little more …  



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